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Chitchat shennyyang look very sexy and pretty as a AIA agent, very reliable!!


Is a career Madam Mayfair can consider. There's a huge market out there with the Banglas and ah nehs queueing up to buy a policy from her.
Mayfair Whore only want to suck cock, free also can. She goes for the volume.


i muz say she really make full use of her natural assets.
in reality, it's not about the process, but the end results

if she make use of her every assets at her disposal, and achieve her ultimate goal, kudos to her

evonne chua



Alfrescian (Inf)
What is new ???
Insurance policy has lousy return with high premium. Why people keep buying ??

The only insurance one need is critical illness plan,accident plan, Pte medishield and careshield life.
Rest all sold to you for more revenue.

There is also car insurance and travel insurance.