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SG-Registered Car Crashes With Motorbike While Cutting Into Emergency Lane Along M’sian Highway



SG-Registered Car Crashes With Motorbike While Cutting Into Emergency Lane Along M’sian Highway​

Head-on collision.
FEBRUARY 14, 2024

Whenever one’s on the road, there are two cardinal rules that need to be followed: always turn on the signal light when switching lanes and never use the emergency lane.​

A Singaporean-registered car did none of the above while driving along the North-South Expressway, resulting in a crash with a motorbike.

In a brief 3-second video shared to the Facebook group Malaysia-Singapore Border Crossers (MSBC) on Monday (Feb 12), it showed a blue car turning into the emergency lane on the left, presumably to overtake the bus in front of it.

However, the driver did not turn on its signal light to give oncoming motorists a heads-up about its intentions to cut into the emergency lane.

Moments later, a motorcyclist with a pillion rider appears in the video and fails to brake in time, causing both the motorcyclist and pillion rider to crash into the car and be thrown off due to its impact.

However, the condition of the motorcyclist, pillion rider, and car driver remain unknown.

According to the post caption, the accident occurred along the North-South Expressway heading towards Yong Peng, Johor.

Netizens express anger​

In the comment section, netizens were outraged by the driver’s inconsiderate and dangerous act and slammed him for it.

On the other hand, some believed the motorcyclist was at fault too for using the emergency lane and driving at such high speeds.

A comment in the thread later revealed that the car wound up at a police station in Yong Peng but it’s not known whether the driver was issued a summon for the accident.

Sg-registered car taken to police station in yong peng
Photo via FB/Malaysia-Singapore Border Crossers (MSBC)


Singapore register yes but may be msian buang msian, not our problem ur people own self settle. :cool: