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[Sg] - NUS Double Degree Grad Serves $2.50 Malay Dishes To “Help Older Folks & Needy Families” Who Frequent Her Hawker Stall


Alfrescian (InfP)
Generous Asset

NUS Double Degree Grad Serves $2.50 Malay Dishes To “Help Older Folks & Needy Families” Who Frequent Her Hawker Stall​

The law and economics grad runs the Muslim-owned stall serving affordable hearty dishes like mee soto, lontong and nasi lemak with her parents.




Alfrescian (Inf)


Alfrescian (Inf)
Now you know why so called world class univeristies here cannot compete against CECA never heard of schools .
Even her choice of subjects are strange as she could have chosen a culinary related ones like hotel management /tourism or go to SHATEC ect2

Scrooball (clone)

Why need to mention if she is a grad or not? Just say a helpful daughter helping her parents in their stall is suffice.
Because it’s the job of the media to make ppl sound better than they are in these sort of feel good inspiring stories la

I’ve read countless bullshit stories about ppl quitting their supposedly high paying jobs to help their parents run some family restaurant or hawker stall. You think all of them did it out of filial piety?

Lol… most likely it’s due to them not being really paid as highly as they want u to believe

OR they got fired or lost their jobs due to recession

OR the family business is actually worth a pretty penny