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[Sg] - HDB dwellers kena alcohol drinking, smoking, rowdy gangsters at Marsiling block every night


Alfrescian (InfP)
Generous Asset

Newly married, they moved into their resale flat at Block 136, Marsiling Road in October 2021.

Stomper J and his wife were at first excited to start a family there.

"The flat is beautiful and spacious, lots of food and shops below," said the Stomper.

"To our horror, every evening at around 9 to 10pm, we will see groups gathering below, drinking, fighting, shouting and littering all over the place."

The block is only four storeys high. So even if you live on the top floor, you cannot escape the noise.

"These groups would take chairs from the coffee shop and place them right at our lift landing. They would smoke, drink alcohol and just shout and act like hooligans," said the Stomper.


"We have called the police numerous times, but it will just be quiet for that night. It would happen again the next night.

"Imagine coming home from work and not being able to sleep because of this and it's every night.

"We are afraid to head down to buy groceries or food after 9pm. We do not even invite our family or friends because we are afraid when they leave our home at night, it becomes dangerous.

"We are the youngest couple here and all our neighbours are very elderly. We have asked them and their answer is 'What can we do?' They just turn a blind eye and it just continues to be very bad.

"How do we start a family when we do not even dare go downstairs after nine at night. We do not even want to have children now as we are afraid.

"We do now want to sell the flat even though we love it, but the shouting, alcohol and smoking are never going to stop.

"However, we have to live here five years before we can sell it."

In response to a Stomp query, the Marsiling-Yew Tee Town Council said: "As the source of the noise issue is from the coffee shop area, the town council has referred the feedback to HDB commercial for their follow-up action.

"The town council encourages residents to practise considerate behaviour, keeping noise level to a minimum to avoid causing inconvenience to others, especially during the night."



Alfrescian (Inf)
TheStomper J already knew there were "......lots of food and shops below", so how can such a place be quiet?

You want peace, buy a high floor facing a park or river with unblocked view .