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[Sg] - EDMWer : Regrettably, I should not have moved into Sengkang GRC after WP won


Alfrescian (InfP)
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EDMWer sengkangwest_youth :

When PAP helmed Sengkang GRC, the municipal condition for my neighbourhood was superb.

Ever since WP took over Sengkang GRC, the cleanliness in my neighbourhood was getting from bad to worst. Furthermore, they did not fulfil their promised manifesto to build more coffee shops and more greenery/cycling track within Sengkang GRC.

I hope a heavyweight minister like PM Lawrence Wong could leave his stronghold and contest in Sengkang GRC to wrestle the constituency back from WP.

PAP should invest their presence heavily in social media platform (E.g., TikTok and Facebook) to show the youth how capable PAP is, as compared to the subpar Opposition.

I sincerely hope Sengkang GRC’s residents could open their eyes wide and vote for the correct political party to govern our neighbourhood well in the coming General Election.



looks like the IB has been activated and the psych war has started. I guess GE24 might be earlier than we expect