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SENGKANG GRC LOSE Ng Chee Meng will be entering via backdoor, no confidence to lead his own GRC.


That Ng Ling Ling looks like a juicy MILF. NCM's loser cock must be raging standing next to her.

They will have plenty of time to rendezvous together once NCM gets ushered in via the back door with AMK GRC.


Alfrescian (Inf)
He is a greedy man. Earning $650k as NTUC CEO not good enough. Want to be ministar, so that he can earn 3X more!

PM Lawrence Wong should tell sinkees that his cabinet ministars will earn only $300k annually for the whole term. Let's see how many of those ministar will stay on.


Alfrescian (Inf)
I hope you realize that 'backdooring' is not up to him to decide.

The PAP regime embodies the perfect blend of kiasi and kiasu, they won't want to risk sacrificing someone earmarked for greater things to try and take back a crappy GRC. That task will be delegated to a 'suicide squad' of minnows or some zealous useful idiot, for example this guy: