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[Sg] 1.46m-short army regular becomes commissioned officer & awarded Sword of Honour


Alfrescian (Inf)
wa piang eh, a family of short people.:biggrin:

It looks like all of them are shorter than 5 ft


Not since about 1975.
The SAF trained several Malay officers, before the SAF introduced "Malay" platoons with 2 SIR, 3 SIR, 4 SIR.
SAF has been trying to induct Malay officers since just after it's inception.
Malay teachers were enticed with commission, some straight to Captains and Majors, but the effort mostly failed. Teachers have no inclination for fighting.
After that the ranks had to be filled up with Chinese, which ended up making SAF a racist organisation, stuffed full with helicopter chobolan ahbengs.


can suck OC's cock better. Too bad mother of OCs retired liao, now just lobo-ing at the office collecting salary


Alfrescian (Inf)
I bet next time if a midget similar to Peter Dinklage gets commissioned at OCS, the likes of MotherShit or MustShitNews will send their 'journalists' there to report on the event.

It's always good to publish feel-good 正能量 stories to distract from the harshness of reality. :cool: