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SDP Wall of Shame

God Meng Seng

SDP Wall of Shame

Dr Chee Soon Juan, 47 (Sec-Gen)
1992 - Misappropriated funds as NUS staff, drank glucose while on hunger strike
1993 - Overthrew Chiam See Tong as Sec-Gen, Chiam sued the SDP, SDP lost and paid Chiam damages
2001 - Shouted at Goh Chok Tong with accusations that have no truths, lost defamation suit
2002 - Fined $3000 for speaking on racial issues (tudung)
2002 - Charged for trespassing Istana, rally without permit
2006 - SDP Chairman Ling How Doong said CEC planning to remove Chee
GE2006 - Worst performer at polls, not even 25% of votes garnered
2006 - Declared bankrupt, jailed for contempt of court
2006 - All members of SDP apologised for slanderous remarks on NKF except Chee and sister
2006 - Failure to pay $5000 fine, jailed for 5 weeks
2007 - Attempt to leave country without permit
2008 - Arrested for Tak Boleh Tahan protests
Currently sells books to earn a living, asks members to sell his books to derive income.
Autocratic leadership within party
Systematically removed opposition within party - Chiam See Tong, Ling How Doong, Mr Wong Hong Toy and Kwan Yue Keng.

John Tan Liang Joo, 47 (Asst Sec-Gen)
Lives at 183 Bedok North Road
Wore Kangaroo shirt to shame the judiciary
Jailed 15 days. Suspended from James Cook University

Gandhi Karuppiah Ambalan, 65 (Chairman)
Management Consultant
1980s - Chief Editor (News), and later Executive Producer (Current Affairs) of Singapore Braodcasting Corporation (SBC)
1983 - Senior Journalist working under Mah Bow Tan
1994 - Quits WP to Join SDP
2006 - Jailed for speaking without a permit
Condemns local media, but worked there for decades.

Priveen Suraj (President, YD)
Graduated from Millenia Institute
Joined SDP due to Mother Narayanasamy Gogelavany aka Monica Kumar, who contested in GE2006. During nomination day, she amended her name on the form but did not seek the Elections Official to countersign, which nearly resulted in SDP's disqualification to contest Sembawang GRC


You missed out the "typo" misplacing decimal point to exaggerate figures by ten times. That was him pretending to be prime minister and health minister in the mid nineties. Now he's pretending to be prime minister and finance minister.




I find it funny why people like CSJ and Uncleyap always talk about hunger strike.

Want to die, either jump down from top of hdb block or slit wrist and die at home. Don't tell the whole world want hunger strike and do this or that and think of dying like a martyr.

The whole purpose of hunger strike is just to seek sympathy. All these years of talking about hunger strike and where are these people? Still alive and kicking

Goh Meng Seng

Alfrescian (InfP) [Comp]
Generous Asset
No problem guys. Just a forum with a lot of funny clones around.

I will not do such low class thing by throwing eggs onto fellow opposition members. Although I may not agree with some of the things or views of Dr Chee, but I think in the spirit of democracy, just let us do whatever we think that could work for Singapore.

Goh Meng Seng