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Riders no more moderator?


Alfrescian (Inf)
Not only u sleep with the lights on, you don't even sleep :biggrin:
Ok i don't sleep

he sleeps in toilets. smell of shit n urine needed for him to feel relax then can tidoh.
Whahahaha I just pm u bro
Wtf you need to post to him you pm him ROFL.

very soon a genius here will say you are mark andrew yeo kah chong and that you are also a clone of scroobal.

lots of unsound mind chaps here since you mia-ed. this forum is a dangerous place.
Drifter is too dumb to be your clone. Can you believe that.


Alfrescian (Inf)
not so sure jj. from his posts in the past, he is several hundred miles ahead of you, twit! wahahahaha ...... hopeless case lah u. holmes jyst called. told me to inform you to wash your mouth n backside clean. he is in the mood tonight.
You sound so hurt now on to your mutual mastebation with drifter LOL.