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Puteri Harbour Community


Those Encorp owners who have received the LAD letters, be careful about accepting their LAD Offer.
They have given themselves deep discounts instead of paying the due LAD to us.
Instead of just writing to them, you also need to call them directly to chase for your keys and other matters.


at this point encorp owners have to be alert. there is definitely a case for us to pursue but note who is among us if you are going as a group.
Yes completely agree! We have to be sure that anyone who joins in the group is really a Encorp owner.
However there may be Encorp insiders who own units in Encorp also.
Anyways...I am an interested owner and it's up to you guys to share ideas along If you want. Owner or new buyer or any interested person would like to know how to deal with various issues. I am certain if we speak the truth we have nothing to fear from any party. I think if we are negative we have no solution. Coming together to gather facts and presenting it in a nice manner should be the focus. So let's not worry of any sabotage before even attempting any real change towards the ownership of our units. I think there can't be anything worse than not doing anything at all.
Looking at some of the owners discussion which what i have encounter as well. Basically, i did not accept their offerred at a lower amount for the LAD compensation. The reply from developer was that if i dont accept their discounted offer for LAD then the reimbursement will take longer time to refund.
For Pinetree Marina, there is also delay, the developer did offer a furnished package for owners to offset the LAD. But if you do not intend to accept, they will provide you the LAD cheque on your keys collection day.
Very clean and fast way to handle the LAD settlement.