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Serious Profits Above Peasants - Ruler Loong wants to re-open Peasantpore


Transmodified from PAP Mouthpiece hxxps://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/phase-3-covid-19-singapore-reopening-dec-28-pm-lee-13769528

PEASANTPORE: The long-awaited Phase 3 of Peasantpore’s Rent Economy Opening will start on Dec 28, Ruler Loong announced on Monday (Dec 14).

Social gatherings of up to eight peasants will be allowed in public, up from five currently. Similarly, peasant households can receive up to eight peasants.

Re-open only after 28 Dec to remind every peasant who calls the shots in Peasantpore! I can't have Wuhan Plague running amok if I allow churches to go all in during X',mas huh?,” said Ruler Loong in a televised Talk Cock Sing Song to his peasants.

“Actually if we continue to clam up, our Rent Economy 2.0 will go bust.,” said Ruler Loong. “I need stupid peasants to drive up the spending or our merchants will be in deep shit.”

But Ruler Loong urged his minions and cronies to not to let their guard down, as Wuhan Plague is “most likely here to stay community”.

Let those stupid peasants take the risks in trains, bus interchanges, shopping centers and hawker centers. I expect Minions and cronies to stay within their mansions. Letting a few peasants get infected is preferable than a total economic standstill.,” Ruler Lee hinted.

Ruler Loong said that progressing from Phase 2 to Phase 3 is a “Ho Jinx style gamble”, and the regime is playing with peasants' lives by easing restrictions in a reckless way to kickstart Rent Economy. He urged every stupid peasant to cum out to spend money and drive up consumption figures.


In his address, Ruler Loong tried to give excuses that his gamble on leisure and services has utterly destroyed Peasantpore's Rent Economy.

Many Jane Austen rebels told me that Formosa made the successful transition to advanced manufacturing with TSMC defeating Intel for wafer fabrication while our millionaire scholars have nothing to show after throwing billions into enticing foreign merchants and failed nationalized corporations e.g. Chartered Semi Con. Adding salt to injury, the Wuhan Plague has decimated the leisure, banking, services and what is left of the low tech manufacturing sector,” he warned.

Of course, Ruler Loong does not want to mention Farmosa totally outshine Peasantpore's plague response at lower costs.

I have absolute power in Peasantpore to postpone Christmas if I wanted to, so do you think I care even if those Jane Austen rebels hit the nail on the wall regarding my incompetent Scholar Minions and Lackeys? You see, I do not need competent minions or lackeys, I only need obedient ones,” he said.

Peasantpore became the joke when it became the South East Asian Plague Hub when Suzhou Loser allowed the plague to run amok in filthy overcrowded dorms to protect the dorm owners.

Bringing the Plague under control is “a no brainer after the epic failure”, said Ruler Loong, adding that he has to ignore the fact that peasants think lowly of him after the dorm's fiasco.


Ruler Loong also announced that the Ang Moh vaccine is expected to arrive in Peasantpore by the end of the month and he is not trusting those made by DSO or DSTA.

DSO can't even reverse engineer the alloy used on Yankee M113, you think I trust any vaccine from them? I rather buy vaccine from Yankees or Nihons, plus they be happy to make some money after grumbling we getting to cross to Panda Xi,” he said.

“As for peasants, you know who will get the vaccines first, we will test out on a few National Serf and senile old peasants before distributing it to House of Lee, rich foreign merchants, Minions and lackey. In the meantime, you stupid peasants just continue to smell each others' armpits on the train and keep those cashiers jingling in shopping centers. Tremble and Obey!

syed putra

No country can continue with lock downs. It's 8 months slready. Airlines need to fly, pubs and nightclubs need to open.