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Chitchat Please Guess??? Man who sued Chiobu who rejected him turned out to be a serial scamster!



S'pore man who sued woman for S$3 million after she rejected him gets 5 new charges for cheating​

Kawshigan and his co-conspirators cheated the victims out of S$990 to S$12,000 for sealed fake Macbooks he sold on Caurosell.
Hannah Martens |
December 08, 2023, 12:15 PM

More charges of cheating were slapped on the man who sued a woman for S$3 million after being friend-zoned in an unrelated case.
K Kawshigan, 31, was given five more similar charges of cheating on Dec. 7, CNA reported.

This was on top of his previous charge of cheating that was reported on Dec. 2, 2023, where he and another man cheated a victim of S$2,650.
In total, Kawshigan faces six charges of conspiring to cheat.
He is accused of conspiring with two men, Cheng Zie Sian and Tee Boon Siong, to cheat six victims of S$23,800 between October and November 2023, CNA reported.

According to the charge sheets, Kawshigan and his co-conspirators cheated the victims out of S$990 to S$12,000 for sealed fake Macbooks.
CNA wrote that the prosecution sought further remand of one week, stating that the investigation officer had uncovered more evidence with more reports against Kawshigan and more time was "needed to recover exhibits and to conduct raids".
Kawshigan is scheduled to return to court in January

Police received multiple reports from victims​

A press release on Nov. 29, 2023 stated that the police received several reports from victims whom the man purportedly cheated.
Preliminary investigations revealed that Kawshigan was believed to have been involved in at least eight e-commerce scams amounting to more than S$27,000.

Kawshigan allegedly sold Macbooks on the e-commerce platform Carousell, and after victims made their payments, they would receive fake items delivered by couriers.

Tried to sue a woman for S$3 million after she rejected his romantic advances​

Kawshigan made the news when he served two lawsuits against a woman, Nora Tan, who rejected him as a romantic partner.
He sought S$3 million for the "emotional trauma" he suffered after he discovered she only saw him as a friend while he regarded her as his "closest friend".

He also filed a separate lawsuit in the Magistrate's Court, seeking S$22,000 in damages as he claimed Tan breached a legally binding agreement.
The judgement issued in January 2023 said Kawshigan's claims against Tan stemmed from frustration with her as she was unwilling to accommodate his demands to deepen their "relationship".
Kawshigan's case in the Magistrate's Court was thrown out for abuse of process and dismissed as the Deputy Registrar pointed out Kawshigan was using legal action to punish Tan and not seek monetary relief.

Tan then filed a countersuit against Kawshigan, citing the expenses she incurred while protecting herself from his alleged harassment.