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[Photo] - Fans of Matland's Lee Pei Ling and Blackpink’s Lisa wage online war against each other because they look alike each other


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“She can become Lisa’s 'replacement' in China,” read one of the comments that has triggered Blackpink fans.

M'sian Singer Lee Pei Ling Feels Helpless As Comparisons With Blackpink’s Lisa Get Ugly Online

When we first wrote about Malaysian singer Jeryl Li Pei Ling looking like Blackpink's Lisa, who knew the story would continue to trend?

Comparisons between the two have blown up on Weibo where Chinese netizens have accused Jeryl, 23, of ‘trying to look like Lisa" and that she can become Lisa’s “replacement” in the Chinese entertainment industry.

Naturally, Blackpink fans were not too amused by the chatter and came out to criticise Pei Ling for, um, following Lisa’s Instagram account.

Fans of Pei Ling then hit back online with one even commenting, “Who wants to be a stripper?”, alluding distastefully to Lisa's much-talked about Crazy Horse performance.

When asked how she felt about the current arguments happening online, Pei Ling said her mood was not affected at all. However, the Sing! China finalist would go on to post on Instagram, “I am helpless! I am Li Pei Ling!”

“I rarely pay attention to this kind of thing or read any of the comments,” she said, adding that she is grateful for her fans and those who stood up for her.

“They are the ones who take note of who I truly am,” she said.

Comparisons between Pei Ling and Lisa became a major talking point when the former won Chinese singing competition The Next 2023 last month, coinciding with the announcement of the latter’s Crazy Horse performances.

Malaysian Singer Jeryl Lee Pei Ling Looks So Much Like Blackpink’s Lisa​

We’ve seen quite a few regular folks who bear similarities to celebrities, but a famous face? Not so much.

Meet Malaysian singer Jeryl Lee Pei Ling who is making waves on the internet for her uncanny resemblance to Blackpink’s Lisa.

Some of you might remember her from 2016's Sing! China, where she was one of the finalists alongside Nathan Hartono.

The 23-year-old from Penang recently caught the attention of netizens after winning Chinese singing reality competition The Next 2023 last month.

As Jeryl's popularity rose, her looks have also became a talking point, specifically her resemblance to Lisa.

Netizens have dubbed her "Malaysian Lisa", with many mistaking her for the K-pop star.

"I take it as a compliment… [but] me and my close friends don't think we look alike. But some people who have just met me might feel, at that moment, a resemblance," she said.

Pei Ling, who began singing at the age of eight, is no stranger to reality talent shows.

In 2016, at the age of 17, she became the youngest finalist on Sing! China.