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Serious Peaceful muslims give thailand Big C a blast full Vesak Day!


[h=1]Bombs at Big C in Pattani injure 56[/h]

Firefighters douse a fire after two bombs exploded at Big C Supercenter in Muang district of Pattani on Tuesday. (Reuters photo)

PATTANI - Fifty-six people were confirmed injured when two bombs went off at Big C Supercenter in Muang district on Tuesday afternoon.
The first explosion occurred about 2.10pm and the second shortly after. Another suspicious object was found at Diana department store in Muang district, Pol Col Preecha Prachumchai, a deputy superintendent at Muang police station said.
The first bomb went off near the food centre inside the Big C building and the second followed shortly after outside the building, after shoppers and staff had left the building in panic, security authorities said.
The second bomb was inside a bag placed in a pickup truck parked outside the building, they said.
At least 56 people were injured by the explosions. All were sent to Pattani hospital. The hospital called for urgent blood donations, especially Group A/B and B.
The pickup used for the bomb outside the hypermarket had Yala registration plates. Authorities were checking on the ownership.
Big C Supercentre in Pattani's Muang district is damaged by two bombs. (Photo by Adbulloh Benjakat)

Video from www.facebook.com/montsakarn.kasamsuk


Alfrescian (InfP)
Generous Asset
No worries.
Thais give as good as they can get.
Expect retaliations. Huat ah

Pattani has been getting bombed for years with no end in sight. The Thais have no idea how to put down an insurgency. They need to learn from the Burmese. Maybe Boss Sam can give them some pointers.