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PDF Books on Reincarnation (non-religious)


Alfrescian (InfP)
Generous Asset
Anyone interested in Reincarnation from a non-religious perspective, feel free to PM me for pdf copies of Books on Reincarnation (a collection of books by separate and unrelated authors, all from a non-religious perspective).

I tried uploading them to the forum, but they're too large to be uploaded as attachments.

Here's a short excerpt from one of the several books in the pdf collection :



Ian Stevenson was an authority on this topic. His scientific research have yielded much results even among skeptics/academics


Alfrescian (InfP)
Generous Asset
Karma is NOT punishment. All religions have got the wrong idea of Karma (or for that matter, of Enlightenment, of Reincarnation, of God, etc). To correctly understand Karma, see the book "The Way of Karma" by Charles Breaux (a powerful psychic who can see all your past lives simply by looking into your eyes*, his book describes case studies of his clients, and how their thematic karmic threads interweave across their multiple lifetimes, especially in regard to relationships with specific karmically important individuals, eg. people such as family, friends, colleagues, enemies, girlfriends/boyfriends, hubby/wifey, etc that you find yourself karmically linked to and interacting with, positively or negatively, lifetime after lifetime), which is one of the many books included in the set, download link below.

(* There are exceptions, and 'security clearance levels', and some information which may karmically interfere with one's existential program or life plan, may not be permitted to be revealed to the individual and hence will be withheld from the psychic doing the reading, by the guides & helpers overseeing the process).


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