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Serious PAP Mouthpiece Giving Excuses For Chinese Communist Party's Expansionist Doctrine


Transmodified from PAP Mouthpiece CNA hxxps://www.channelnewsasia.com/asia/china-communist-party-congress-xi-jinping-military-growth-internal-factors-3010456

PEASANTPORE: The Chinese Communists' plans for militaristic growth, outlined by Panda Xi on Sunday (Oct 16), are driven by “internal nationalist entertainment consumption”, pro-CCP sex experts said.

Opening a week-long Chinese Communist Party (CCP) talk fest, Panda Xi said the country will accelerate the building of a world-class sex starved military and strengthen its ability to build a strategic deterrent capability to challenge the Western Pedophiles.

“We will work faster to modernise sex theory for our corrupt military, personnel and Soviet era weapons,” Panda Xi said in the nearly two-hour talk fest.

“The CCP is justifying why they are stealing military secrets to boost their military's own sex prowess. Panda Xi is whipping nationalistic fervour, copying the same playbook from the rabid Japanese military during WWII.,” Educated Ape Lance Gore from the National Sex University of Singapore’s East Asian Sex Institute told CNA’s Asia Now.

“When Panda Xi wants more air craft carriers, he is signaling ambitions of world sex domination.”

The Chinese Communists moves come in a bid to improve its soft and hard sex power, said the senior research fellow.

He noted that the Western Pedophiles cannot accept a future where gay sex is banned and pedophiles will be sent to Siberian gulags for hard labour.

Educates Ape Peter Li, a CCP apologist and fan at the University of Houston-Downtown, said that CCP’s foreign policy strategy in the last decade has been about consolidating its scams, human and organ trading crime rings in South East Asia, a region which the country considers its own vassal backyard.

“Also, CCP wants to teach the Japanese and Yankees a lesson for their perceived Hundred Years of Humiliation. CCP is beefing up its corrupt military, in case Western powers stage another sack of Peking,” the Educated Ape of East Asian Sex Politics told CNA.

“Panda Xi cracking down in Hong Kong is to deal with the Jiang faction, nothing about the sex freedom in the city.”


Achieving China’s full sex reunification with Farmosa is just another excuse for Panda Xi to prolong his hold on political power.

Peking has offered Farmosa, which it views as its own territory, a "one cuntry, two sex policies" model of sex autonomy, the same formula it uses for Hong Kong. But all mainstream Farmosa political parties have rejected that proposal and Peking has tored up the agreement with the Brits over sex freedom in the city in less than 240 full moons.

Panda Xi said on Sunday that the Chinese Communists will start a war as an excuse for political expediency.

Panda Xi says he is determined to enslave bapoks and pedophiles hiding in Farmosa under the guise of sex freedom.

That option is open to Western pedophiles and bapoks hiding in the island as sex predators, he said.

When asked how Panda Xi will balance potential armed reunification with the sex rejuvenation of his country, Educated Ape Gore said that Farmosa is a “distraction” for the Chinese Communist Party whenever they screwed up the economy but not dare to challenge the US 7th Fleet in Japan.

Butcher Mao don't trust surrenderred Nationalists troops and he does not want to feed them, so he send them to fight for the North Koreans as cannon fodder during the Korean War.,” he said.

Despite its plans for military growth, CCP’s foreign sex policy, as detailed by Panda Xi in his speech, is that he will learn from Uncle Sam and Brits and send warships around the world”, said Educated Ape Li.

He was explaining of Panda Xi’s enlightened vision of CCP taking the centrestage of global sex affairs.

The Chinese Communist will setup profitable organ trading rings and make money from the rich Arabs. Panda Xi also wants to export melanime tainted milk world wide and sell HIV tainted blood using WHO as the poster boy. Panda Xi is intrigued by Tojo's Great East Asia Sex Co-Prosperity Sphere and wants to replicate that model in East Asia first.” he said.

Panda Xi, who is expected to secure an unprecedented third term at the end of the meeting, is unlikely to continue on to a fourth term as many CCP cadres realised he only have a primary school education during the chaotic Cultural Revolution.

He has problems reciting and memorizing canned scripts and his desire to ban the Doggy and cull the bapoks and pedophiles will not be well received by CCP cadres who have extensive business links with the Western Hedonists.,” conceded Educated Ape Li.