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Old video of Leicester violence provocateur Ali Dawah, calling for the execution of apostates in Islamic land, goes viral



On Tuesday (3rd October), a video of UK-based Islamic preacher Ali Dawah, calling for the public execution of apostates (individuals who renunciate religion) after the takeover of Islam all over the world, went viral on social media.

He was heard baying for the blood of an ex-Muslim and apostate named Ridvan Aydemir, who runs the popular YouTube channel ‘The Apostate Prophet.’ It must be mentioned that Ali Dawah was the frontrunner in peddling the conspiracy theory about RSS’ involvement in the 2022 Leicester violence.

In the video, the Islamic preacher was heard saying, “Yeah there’s a reason why there’s a capital punishment because people like you, little weaklings, who leave their religion and cause corruption in the land by spreading it. The capital punishment and Islamic law will be applied to you. We have no doubt and we are proud of that.”

Ali Dawah pointed out that the killing of apostates, in the land of Islam, would be sanctioned by the Emir (Muslim military commander). He informed common Muslims would not need to take the matter into their own hands like ‘idiots.’

“You know what we’ll be watching…because if you’re going to cause corruption in the land that’s going to cause more damage to the society as a whole because the Sharia didn’t come to protect an individual’s right,” he justified.

Ali Dawah then rationalised the barbaric punishments, sanctioned under the Sharia, by drawing false analogies with someone drunk diving and killing pedestrians in the process.

“Hey, can I drink okay? Sure, drink alcohol, run someone over, kill them and (create) all this kind of chaos…No, Islam says (that) the right of the community is greater than you, individual, wanting your right to freedom which is BS (bullsh*t). Absolutely BS. Don’t get me started,” he further advocated.

The 59-second-long footage of Ali Dawah’s vicious tirade against apostates was shared on X (formerly Twitter) by YouTuber David Wood on Tuesday (October 3). It was extracted from an 18.5 minute-long-video, which was published on the YouTube channel of the radical preacher on August 15, 2020.

Despite his open threats to kill apostates, YouTube did not remove the disturbing video from its platform.

Ali Dawah mainstreams conspiracy theory of RSS involvement in Leicester violence​

During the anti-Hindu violence that broke out in Leicester in England’s East Midlands region in 2022, Islamist scholar Ali Dawah tried to lend credence to the conspiracy theory that RSS workers came in droves to stoke communal tensions in the area.

In a video published on his YouTube channel on September 23 2022, he caught up with Yatin Bhimani, owner of a Coach company, to seek clarification about a conspiracy theory that he and his co-religionist had disseminated around that time.

Yatin, who hails from India, owns a fleet of 4 buses and runs a travel agency by the name of ‘Angel Tours.’ Islamists had accused the agency of ferrying RSS workers to Muslim areas in Leicester and creating a law and order situation with the help of a Hindu temple in Ealing.

The owner of the tour company, Angel Tours, denied all the allegations and said that his buses had not gone to Leicester between August and September 2022.

He clarified that the buses of his company always stop in front of the temple as it is a major landmark and people are well-acquainted with the place. The owner, Yatin Bhimani, said that his buses are parked there only for convenience, and his coach company has no link with the temple.

Ali Dawah shrewdly used the interview to rant about the ‘greatness’ of his Faith and how it supposedly emphasises the principle of justice. He also claimed that Muslims were provoked by Hindutva goons and how a mosque was burnt down, despite the fact that the Leicester police had debunked the fake news.

Ali used his dominating personality to make sweeping statements like the supposed involvement of PM Modi in anti-Muslim violence in India. He also tried to put words in the mouth of Yatin and forced him to condemn Modi and RSS.

“If anyone commits violence against Muslims, Christians or Hindus, then, I condemn them,” Yatin said. While the Islamist was able to convince his naive followers that he believed in inter-faith dialogue, Ali Dawah’s attempt at setting agenda in favour of Islamists did not miss the experienced eye.

He also worked alongside hate preacher and fugitive, Zakir Naik, during the fundraising for the construction of a grand mosque and Dawah (proselytism) centre in Oslo, Norway.