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Chitchat no boobs no news....???


Alfrescian (InfP)
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Local broadcaster Mediacorp has taken disciplinary action against a staff member, identified as a cameraman, for inappropriate conduct towards Channel NewsAsia producer (CNA) Juwon Park.

In a Facebook post last week, Miss Park shared screenshots of a WhatsApp conversation she had with the colleague, where she confronted him for making sexist remarks about her.

Miss Park alleged that the colleague told her: "I cannot be a presenter because I have no boobs" and "girls shouldn't be too smart for their own good and I should act dumb".

The colleague then responded by saying, "I'm so sorry if it hurt you" and "it was meant to be a joke". However, he also added that "it's how the industry works", implying that a woman either has to be "super pretty" or "have boobs" in order to succeed.



A virgin is a slut is a truth to filthy people only. Not worth for me to sue such coward bully who dare not name and just say "someone" is acting like a slut today.
Jiuhukia criminals perpetuate filthy lies non-stop to indemnify themselves and justify their crime indeed. Lies also can become the truth hurts. Tsk tsk tsk how shameless can jiuhukia be?