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New chatroom for my E-Commerce website!


Hello dude,

I need your help, please. Looking to get some position suggestion. I have a new website related to e-commerce. Now I would like to install chatroom on it. So looking for a reliable chatroom so far. Myself already searched and found few ones. But I need your suggestion which one should I try for? Though I am ready to pay per month or yearly if needed.

Please reply with your suggestion. Thank you!


Hello, was waiting for someone reply here. However, I found something i would like to share. Here are some positive activity why I decide to use ChatWing chat app finally.

1) Chatwing easy to use.
2) Social media accounts are allowed to register onto ChatWing.
3) Lots of users can chat at a time.
4) Sending private message to users, ban users, redesign chatroom as you like.

For the above positive activity, I finally decided to user ChatWing chat app.