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NEW casino n slots games discussion.


Alfrescian (Inf)
Tried many machines. Was bad luck for me.
Bro remem last time when cash cove was not that popular it was easy to triggered free games. I won't say always win but we win and lose back on our own due to poor control. Nowadays it's real hard to win and trigger free games.


My last visit to MBS was also a disaster. About 2-mths ago. After the renovations, they put many CC in front of the Fatt Choy Express. Those new machines are BR vacuum, just suck and suck. I tried to look for the old friendly machines, but even the older ones behave like that. Guess MBS need to make back their renovations costs. I also tried the upstairs in front of The Nest and those along the wall in L2, all same Basically, CC was set to kill players. Didn't step in since then. Lost my Diamond, lost my Platinum, maybe now only Gold(?). But I don't really care, not going MBS any time soon, based on the FR here.
Did that many years ago, but the returns were little and very slow in coming. Anyway tried out the bay area yesterday. At some point down to 100 of my BR, up again to 7K win, lost back 6K within 2-hours, then went home with 1K win. Still win, but could have come home earlier with more more win. Anyway, can't complain lah.