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Nationalisation of fibre broadband transmission infrastructure (like public roads, t

Discussion in 'The Political / Serious Zone [no rep deductions]' started by bic_cherry, Jul 17, 2017.

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    Nationalisation of fibre broadband transmission infrastructure (like public roads, transport, water etc infrastructure), no?
    Just like Singapore gahmen owns all the MRT tracks, carriages, public buses and roads in Singapore and then pays operators (SMRT, SBS(Comfort Delgro), GoAhead, TowerTransit etc) to operate the system within performance standards, shouldn't the government also own all the manholes, fibre optic cables as well? Why should Singapore and be held hostage by the commercial interest of companies like Netlink NBN trust to pay for their fibre internet broadband connection given that as projected, 89% of households in 2017 are fibre broadband subscribers.
    What would happen if Netlink NBN fails to properly maintain its fibre optic infrastructure given to the fact that gahmen supervision wrt renewal programmes would be inconvenient given to the fact that Netlink NBN trust property is essentially PRIVATE PROPERTY and thus, the gahmen might need special permission/ court order to inspect such private infrastructure.

    Does the lack of gahmen control over such important infrastucture put Singaporeans at the mercy of a monopoly player company to charge every fibre broadband user a fee as it should please although it seems that in the short term, the monthly fee telcos pay Netlink NBN is $15/month as fixed by gahmen. Would costs of living in Singapore continually increase given to the fact that important infrastructure such a manhole , ducts, fibre cables seem to be in the hands of private share holders. Would any other international / professional operator like Tower Transit, GoAhead, ComfortDelgro, SMRT be able to maintain and operate the fibre optic network for a lower fee and thus bring costs savings to Singaporeans. Does the Singapore gahmen lack the oversight and understanding about how a fibre optic network is run and thus is the Singapore gahmen at the mercy of private coporations and other commercial entities?

    Just like heavy users of public utilities pay more than those who apply thrift (PUB waterborne fee is 28cents/CuM circa 2016), how is the one size fits all $15 monthly fibre broadband transmission fee fair considering that some people hardly use the internet at home whilst others are heavy broadband data users for 3D games and other heavy graphic applications.

    The Singapore gahmen has pushed very hard for fibre broadband and digital TV to be adopted by every home, planning to cancel analogue signals for free to air national TV channels even. I think it would be mistaken if by doing so, it increased the wealth divide amongst Singaporeans, then PAP is destroying the social compact and thus destroying the roots of the independence of Singapore.


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