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My Journal, My Life





Dec 3 2015

Advice Needed: Should I?

I am a bit emotionally misplaced at the moment and hence this thread.

Lucidity tells me this is the erroneous place to get guidance, but as I can't talk about this matter with my friends (at this moment), the lesser of 2 evils tells me this is the only outlet I have ~ at least at this very moment ~ to air my congested brains and get some clarity in thoughts (if any).

So, if you are sane and constructive, offer your thoughts and opinions from your male perspective and I will appreciate. Otherwise, keep your unkind comments to yourself and you wouldn’t be missed a single tiny winy bit.

How shall I start???

Ummm, there is this senior management guy in the office which I detested a great deal. I had always found him "humsup" whenever he approached me for corporate legal advice. His eyes would always be "roaming" around my body and I felt "violated", albeit mentally. So, my principle has always been to stay away from him as much as possible in office unless there are official matters for discussion.

Gossips amongst the other colleagues transpired that he is divorced and had a series of romances. Naturally, with time, my prejudices became the foundation to "hate" him, though professionally I would collaborate in terms of work issues.

A couple of weeks ago, he decided to quit. Strangely, I was invited to his farewell dinner last Friday at The American Club and drinks thereafter. Dinner went on fine with a couple of his subordinates and his peers in senior management delivering farewell speeches. From what I sensed from those speeches, this guy seemed to take good care of his lads and is very popular with his peers too.

During after-dinner drinks, he approached me as I happened to be drinking alone (as my other close colleague went to the ladies). We chatted ~ despite my "prejudices" about him and he was leaving the organization anyway, so I didn’t want to spoil his farewell mood.

He started impressing upon me as a young senior manager in this MNC, I should learn to thrive in office politics and “showmanship” so that I wouldn't be bullied by others, especially the foreigners.

The conversation went on till my close colleague returned from the ladies who then remarked to my ears that "the 色狼 was looking at your low cut blouse while talking to you just now...". Strangely, I didn't seem to mind.

After drinks, I said my goodbyes to all and headed to the taxi-stand (as my close colleague was picked up by her husband). Whilst in the long queue, I heard my name being called and turned around ~ it was him. He asked me if I am free to join him for a drink at Union Bar at the ground floor of the Club. Looking at the long queue and in my high heels which were now a little painful for my calves, I obliged.

Over drinks, my "revulsion" of him seemed to dilute into curiosity. Perhaps the drinks, or perhaps I was less "on-guard" and becoming comfortable with his "paternal and protective" concerns, which then somewhat transformed into admiration for him which made me feel desired and appreciated. As you know, I never believed in the concept of “Alpha male” and he is not one even if there is such a creature of imagination.

He then expressed me he liked me and asked if I want to spend the night with him. Strangely, all the negative aspects I previously had about him seemed to fade away into thin air, and I agreed. Hopped into his Merc CLK and I allowed him to "french" me once we were inside. Not sure why I didn’t resist. Could be the drinks or it could be I am charmed by him. Drove off and I was in his apartment ~ which I like his taste of Zen furnishing and décor. He popped a bottle of Krug Rosé and we continued to chat through the night.

Time must have passed pretty quickly, I woke up the next morning in his arms. He told me to relax in my slightly “hangover” state, whilst he prepared breakfast. Freshened up and in his oversized work shirt (which he asked me to put on), we had breakfast. Sobering up and in the midst of breakfast, he asked if I want to continue this relationship. I said ok without much thought (then), as I am not attached anyway.

Through the course of this week, I have developed a few concerns about this relationship ~ He is in his late 40s and slightly > 12 years my senior. We do not have common friends and it would be strange when we go out with his “aged” friends or my younger crowd of friends. My friends would definitely look at me in a "funny" way for getting hitched with an "uncle". My parents will be wondering if I am "cheated" by an "experienced plunderer".

It has been a week since last Friday. We have either met for dinner or he picked me up to and from work and sort of like "a couple in love".

Last night, he asked me to move in with him.

Should I?

PS : It feels much better now that I have aired what have been troubling me for a while this whole week.


Dec 4 2015

What should I get for him?

Sorry guys, I am crowdsourcing for ideas again. Please bear with me.

I know I had previously started a thread on Christmas gifts and the relevance of it to non-Christians like me. I expect some of you to “flame” me for my 180 degree U-turn – as I am thinking of getting him a Christmas pressie. Please cut me some slack, I beg, and my apologies.

Back to the crux now. I have been thinking about it and it is extremely hard to get him anything. He probably can afford what he wants as he is older and richer than me, hence my challenge.

Instead of concentrating on my work today, I have been thinking at the back of my head what he will like, cherish, value, relish and appreciate.

My shortlist are as follows and I have crossed all of them out!

1. Outfit and accessories: Ties, Wallets, Cufflinks, or any outfit accessories

It is really passé type of pressies!

I really don’t want him to wear what I buy. It is like “controlling” him, which I do not want to. He should be himself and free to decide to buy what he wants to wear.

2. Watch

He is currently wearing a Hublot and I don’t think I am going to splurge such sums of money on him.

3. Mobile Phone and Gadgets

He is already using an I6. So this idea goes out of the window! Can’t think of any gadgets useful for him.

I will be grateful if you men, especially the older and wiser ones, can give me some decent and worthy ideas. My budget is about $2k to $3k. I am willing to stretch to $5k if it is really worth the effort.


Dec 5 2015

“Ah Lian” and “Angmoh” – Am I Bitchy?

Had lunch at Colbar with my man today. Well, I have always liked Colbar since my University days. I always find the place refreshing, peaceful and a place where I can gather my thoughts in whatever nature that is left in this tiny urbanized island. So I brought him there as he said he had never been before. Thankfully he liked the place.

In any case, that is not what bothers me today.

Over lunch, an “Ah Lian” walked in with her “Angmoh” man. She was in spaghetti strap dress (like those beachwear type). I found her young (probably in her late 20s) and pretty.

Before she opened her mouth, I had no clue that she is an Ah Lian until the “lah”, “this one nice”, “that one not nice”, “why you like that”, etc, plus that horrible Singaporean “dialect-tish” English accent started spewing out from her bright red lipstick mouth.

Honestly, I was appalled!

So I asked my man – what does the Angmoh sees in her? He was dumbfounded, probably thought why I am in such a “bitchy” mood. So I stated my point of view -

1. That Angmoh is fat and short. He probably cannot find an Angmoh girl and hence had to settle for a Singaporean Ah Lian girl.

2. The Singaporean Ah Lian probably cannot find an educated higher income man whom she can leeched upon, so she has no choice but to go for an Angmoh, despite his size and height.

And blah blah blah…

I even told my man that the Angmoh will sooner or later “dump” the Ah Lian once he find another Singaporean bimbo.

My man look at me and said – Claire, can you relax, why are you so uptight about what others do and behave? Stop being a bitch?!?


Dec 6 2015

Annoying "Tapow" Nincompoops!

Have you ever encounter inconsiderate customers (yes, nincompoops to be exact!) who "tapow" more than 4 packets of food in the queue?

For instance, you are number 5 in the queue.

The first guy "tapow" 5 packets. The second customer "tapow" 2 packets. The third customer order a plate to eat in the hawker centre. The fourth customer orders 6 packets.

Let's say the average time for the hawker is 2 mins to prepare a plate of food and 2.5 mins for "tapow" pack (tying up the packaging, etc requires additional time).

In my scenario above, we waited for 32.5mins ("tapow" customers) + 2mins ("dine-in customers) for my turn. Almost 35 mins despite being the fifth customer in the queue!

This above is exactly what happened to us at Selera Rasa Nasi Lemek at Adam Road Food Centre just now! Ridiculous! And I also heard someone behind in my queue complaining that his parking coupon had "used up" because of these inconsiderate nincompoops.

I hope I am not being bitchy again. But it really irks me seeing inconsiderate nincompoops causing dine-in customers to wait unnecessarily.

There should be a separate queue for take-aways to be fair to all dine-in customers. Or simply, no more than 4 packets or plates per customer.

These "Tapow" nincompoops are all over the island and I see them at Toa Payoh Interchange rojak; Whampoa market rojak; Amoy Street fish soup; Old Airport Road lor mee, Serangoon Gardens char kway teow, etc etc.

It irks me and hence this thread and I am certainly not bitchy today!


Dec 7 2015

Why he calls me "Baby"?

I am a wee-bit uncomfortable to share this, but I guess it is probably ok as this forum is anonymous.

Further, there is a decent spectrum of mature and responsible members here, for instance Charlie, Yellow, my elder brother Eatshitndie, Zhihau, Wunder, and lifeafter41 and some that I may not be able to remember.

Of course there are a couple of hoodlums who either have a squalid mouth or are egotistically specious and exceedingly unreasoned. No names mentioned, you know who you are. My advice to these hoodlums ~ I have more respect for you if you keep quiet rather than drivel endlessly here.

Let me start ~ I do not deny that I have “needs” and enjoy physical and emotional intimacies and I am not shy to admit it.

However, there is one thing that I like – that is to be called my name during the heat of the moment.

For example ~

"I love you, Claire!" instead of "I love you, Baby!".
"I coming Claire!" instead of "I am coming, Baby!".
“I like it Claire” instead of “I like it Honey!”

…. And the list goes on.

It somewhat bothers me a lot when my man does not call my name but uses a generic term "Baby" or "Honey" at that crucial and critical moment (if you know what I mean).

Seeds of suspicion are sowed in me when my man uses such generic terms. My misgiving is that it feels like he is trying to hide something (I really don't know) or is a very cautious man and do not want to risk calling the wrong person's name!

Am I being "too" sensitive?

In my previous two relationships, my ex-es had always called me by my name ~ no matter how “excited” they were, and hence, now, my suspicion now with the current man. He is older than my previous ex-es, and I am wondering if there is a “generation gap” between us when it comes to such intimacy issues.

My simple question to men like Charlie, Yellow, Eatshitndie, Zhihau, Wunder, lifeafter41 - what do you call your wife or girlfriend at the crucial and critical moment?

If you do not address her by her name, why so?


Dec 7 2015

Annoying MRT commuters

Today, I took a train to work as my recently appointed “chauffeur” said he had some errands to run in the morning. It’s fine with me as I am comfortable with public transport.

However, what I am annoyed is the behaviour of some dippy commuters:

(1) Hazardous Eskie-Blockers

I call them Hazardous Eskie-Blockers because one day, someone will get injured because of them.

These Hazardous Eskie-Blockers are idiots who will reach the top of the escalators, STOP to look for directions before moving on. On-coming commuters from behind have to take evasive action, otherwise, everyone else behind the escalator line will bunch up together leading to a disaster! For goodness sake, if you are lost and need to find your way around, please walk a few steps to the corner and stop blocking the way!

If I get injured as a result of these Eskie-Blockers, I am going to sue your pants off!!!

(2) Mobile 僵尸(Jiangshi)

Another bunch of daffy commuters are what I call the Mobile僵尸(Jiangshi) - those who stare intensely into their mobile and slow down their pace like zombies.

This causes others to slow down or have to move aside to overtake them. Sometimes, I wish such daffy commuters walk straight right into the wall and flattened their own faces!

(3) 1.5x Space Occupiers

There are 2 travellators that I often used. One is at Serangoon Interchange and the other is at Dhoby Ghaut Interchange.

Now and then, I will find some “territorial ignorant” idiots who cannot completely stay on the left side while on the travellators. For goodness sake, hold your grocery bags, laptop bags or handbags or what have you in front of you and stop blocking others.

And to those who like to stand in the centre of the travellators, I hope one day someone pushes you from behind and cause you to fall flat and imprint some eskie lines on your face!

I feel better now after airing my frustrations!


Dec 8 2015

Ah Sohs in Takashimaya

I am on leave today and went shopping with him in Takashimaya.

He said he wanted to get a gift for his mother and asked me to accompany him to Cartier. I helped him to choose a watch and he said his mum will “surely” like it. I am not sure what he meant, and I didn’t pursue on it.

Anyway, that is not what I want to write about today.

I want to write about the sheer number of Ah Sohs (AS) in Takashimaya. These AS are everywhere yakking and yakking away in their Singlish accent.

A particular incident I encountered was in the Ladies. The conversation went as follows:

AS 1 : Today I buy lots of things, jin-jia-song.

AS 2 : Yah lor, I so jealous. Your hubbie always give you so much money to spend, not like mine, so kiam-siap, always say I buy useless things and waste money.

AS 1 : Aiyah, no lah, but hor, you must control his money you know, if not, man hor, sure Tao-Chiak outside one. I always make sure his salary go into the joint account and I always check what how much he withdraw and where he withdraw his money. Like that hor you will know where he go when he is outside with his peng-yew.

AS 2 : No lah, my husband ok one lah. He work very hard and come home already so tired, where got time to fool around outside.

AS 1 : You never know hor. Better 盯紧紧 or else next time he run away from China gal you also dunno.

And it goes on and on and on….

I cannot help but contemplate in me why these AS-s even bother getting married in the first place if they cannot trust their husbands. In my lucid head, I was troubled whether in future – if I do get married, I will become like these AS-s.

To the men in this forum - If I were a man and have these AS-s as my spouse, in those “pasar-malam” looking flowery clothes carrying Coach handbags, having a huge bottom and blubbery limbs, drivelling away as if there is no tomorrow in Takashimaya Orchard Road - I can fathom why you stray for PRC young girls; visit prostitutes; go to KTVs and have so called “happy-ending” massages.

Have a nice day.


Dec 9 2015

Facebook Birthday Greetings & Likes

It's a quiet Wednesday. My lunch "kakis" have all taken leave and abroad with their men and kids. Munching a Subway Melt and reading this Forum and writing this thread ~ specifically on my disgust on some posts in Facebook which I read earlier today.

First, I do have a Facebook account but I rarely post after its creation yonks ago. It is more a social necessity in this fictitious friendship world where after a few conversations with another human being, men and women will send a Friendship Request, thinking in their whimsical brain that they have another friend in a metrosexual popularity contest.

As a result, I have more than 700 "supposed" friends, about 99% of which are mere acquaintances who requested that I add them as friends, be it colleagues - past and present - to people whom I have met in the workplaces, gym, clubs, overseas travel and so on.

This morning, he picked me up and while on the way to work in his car, I just didn't feel like conversing as I am a wee-bit dismayed on the issue about his past women whom he still keeps in contact for lunches and also on his Facebook.

I am at two minds about it ~ I do appreciate his honesty in telling me he is having lunch with her but at the same time, jealousy and possessiveness are matters I need to overcome in myself, otherwise, it will become a prickly issue with no resolution in sight.

My conclusion is that if I love him, I must never seek to "cramp" his style nor should I restrict who he is meeting subject of course to the principle of faithfulness.

I decided the best is to keep quiet and login into my Facebook account and read, which is what I want to write about now.

Upon login, the next thing I see on my mobile is ~ it’s so and so birthday today and then a long “crocodile” queue of others will be wishing her Happy Birthday with all sorts of well wishes, emoticons and pictures.

It all seems strange to me. That few colleagues who sent the birthday well wishes were just bitching about the birthday girl the other day ~ about how flat chested she is, ugly legs, blah blah blah ~ when I bumped into them at the office pantry!!!

Somehow, all these birthday well wishes make a mockery of everything I know about genuine friendship.

Has friendship become so "cheap" and “artificial” these days? If I want to wish a good pal happy birthday, I will never use Facebook. I will either give them a call, send them a WhatsApp, fix a time, have a meal with them or even spend time in a spa session.

Why does one need to be "pressured" to send birthday well wishes through Facebook and announce to the whole world that they have wished that person Happy Birthday?!?

Next, there are also another group of Facebook "friends" who will "like" everything that their friends have posted even if they don't.

For instance, I know a "friend" (A) who has always been bitching about another "friend" (B) and how ill-behaved B's kids are. Next thing I see on Facebook ~ A posted a picture of her kids and B has liked it.

For heaven's sake, is friendship so "cheap" these days?


Dec 9 2015

My Window

I am reluctant to talk about matters relating to bedroom experiences in this Forum given the notoriety of members here.

I know that hoodlums will start calling me names, some will start making inappropriate sexual innuendos and others will start disgorging garbage from their mucky mouths.

I am a little bored today as he has some gathering with his friends ~ hence I thought why not write about My Window. (I will explain what that is in a while).

Hopefully, I can get a decent discussion in this infamous Forum, well-known for its sexual perversion and travesty.

I am sure there will be a handful of good guys like Eatshitndie, Charlie, Yellow, Zhihau, Long (?), Yinyang, Gotze, Thick, Johnny, Wunder, Bigboss (?), Lifeafter41, wuqi256 who have all caught my attention in this Forum since I started to be an active contributor.

A Big Thank you guys for the encouragement to continue in this treacherous Sammyboy online world.


Dec 10 2015

NTUC Link Card and Passion Card

After dinner last night with my folks at Chomps, we hopped over to NTUC Finest nearby. Did groceries shopping and ended up with a huge trolley load of things.

While paying, the cashier asked – “any link card?” Of course I don’t.

Somehow, I just don’t understand all this idea of whatever Link to collect whatever points. It all adds up to cost of goods and does not benefit consumers at all.

All these so-called rebates are all funded by consumer themselves, isn’t it?. You pay $9 membership a month and you shop at NTUC to get points to get rebate. Seriously, a joke, and most importantly, the consumer footing the costs involved for the whole Link point setup – from IT system and staff costs to maintain the Link points infrastructure.

If NTUC is really a cooperative wanting to help Singaporeans, it should just take a nominal 2% marked up after deducting cost of goods and other related costs for selling the goods.

And somehow, I suspect that they are not sourcing the goods from manufacturers and suppliers at the cheapest possible price.

For instance, a Rexona deodorant stick costs $3.40 in NTUC. Beauty Language, a home and personal care shop, sells the same product for $1.90.

Either NTUC is maximising more than 100% profit margin or some dumb idiot in NTUC is sourcing from the wrong supplier.

Similarly, my above comments apply to whatever Passion Card as well.


Dec 10 2015

My Eventful Lunch Today

I had wanted to write earlier but was caught in the other thread replies.

Anyway, I had lunch at a kopishop near office today and witnessed a “near fight” just in front of me.

As my “kakis” are still away on leave, I ate alone – sharing a table with a smartly dressed elderly indian man who was drinking a big can of ABC Stout.

Before I sat down, I asked for “permission” and he smiled at me, gesturing please do (though I was a little sceptical about sitting there cos I am wary of people who drink in bright sunny lunch hours, but I guess I had no choice as I was a single diner today).

I thanked him and sat down and happily munching my prawn noodles, took out my mobile and engrossed myself reading the latest news on CNN, BBC, Reuters, Associated Press apps and also the mobile version of this Forum.

The elderly indian chap must have left to order another can of stout. Then, the dish clearing man (also an Indian but a much younger chap) came and cleared the supposedly leftover can of ABC stout and next thing I heard –

Indian Man: Hello, what you doing? (snatching back the can from the hands of the cleaner)

Cleaner: (looks agitated) finished already.

Indian Man: What finished? You hold it you know still have inside right! (and he went on to demonstrate that there was indeed some stout left in there)

Cleaner: FXXk You lah. I pay you lah.

Indian Man: (became more agitated on hearing the 4 letter word ~ and replied in some tamil language I cannot comprehend).

Cleaner: (made a crude sign ~ the sort that men likes to do ~ bringing an open palm towards a fisted palm creating a “pop” sound). You Singaporean always bully Malaysian, is it?

Indian Man: You bloody Malaysian go back lah. Work also cannot work properly.

Cleaner: (more crude signs using his hands making more "popping" sounds ~ oh mine!!!)

All hell broke loose for the next 10 mins or so and I was like ~ are they going to take my bowl of prawn mee and splashed at each other. Should I just walk away and leave them to fight it out, abandoning my bowl of noodles? There goes my peaceful lunch, I wondered.

Somehow, I stood up and without thinking too much – I told both of them to cool down. A few guys also came forward and tried to diffuse the situation.

My Questions:

1. Was the elderly indian man under the mistaken impression that the cleaner was attempting to “steal” his unfinished stout? I really have no idea. How much does a stout cost in a kopishop???

2. Was it societal prejudice against cleaners?

3. Why are men so agitated about minor issues such as these?

4. What society are we heading into with all these country prejudices? Where is the gracious and polite society that was promised to us?

5. Who is responsible for all these mess in our society – race, religion, ethnicity, gender, income, country of origin and what have you all fused and ready to explode anytime, even over a minor can of stout !?!

I somewhat find that this country is heading for a big mess in time to come after the episode this afternoon.

[Message to Racists – Don’t be a clown and start your nonsensical racism comments and those guess the race gibberish! If you have nothing better to say, just keep your keyboard away from your mucky hands]


Dec 12 2015

Maifan Stone ~ Where can I get these in Singapore?

Maifan Stone (Chn. 麦饭石 or 麥飯石), also known as "bakuhanseki (Jp. 麦飯石)," is a special mineral rock used in Chinese medicine to treat various skin diseases. It is composed of minerals including but not limited to plagioclase feldspar, orthoclase feldspar, hornblende, and biotite (all four mentioned before are silicate minerals).

Maifan Stone contains plenty of micro-nutrient elements, such as calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, copper, and selenium, all essential to a healthy human body.

As a Chinese medicine, it is especially useful in treating skin tumors and ulcers. In addition to that, many mineral water manufacturers in China dissolve a small amount of Maifan Stone during the preparation of their product, meant to enhance the micro-nutrient density in the water. In ordinary cooking, both rice and tea, while being washed, may be dipped with Maifan Stone to increase their effects on health.

Maifan stone has been used as a water filtration and conditioning media for shower and bath filters.

As she has gone back and not coming back till some time next year, I thought I might be able to get in Singapore. I went to Yue Hwa in Chinatown, Traditional medicinal shops, and even specialist Chinese tea shops ~ no one sells Maifan stone.

I am just trying my luck here, perhaps one of you do use the same stones for cooking or preparing water for drinking at home. If you do, I will be thankful if you can let me know where I can source for these stones in Singapore.


Dec 13 2015

Good Morning ~ Is it so hard to say when the lift door opens?

Good morning to All.

This morning, I woke up at 6am, put on my Nike tights and running top, Asics running shoes, and went for a run. I returned to his apartment block at 7am. Waited for the lift. Lift door opened and a Caucasian stepped out. He said "Good Morning". I returned his morning greetings.

When I am on my travels, whether in my overseas office or hotels, I find that the westerners tend to be more "generous" with their morning greetings when the lift door opens (as compared to the Chinese, Indians, Japanese, Koreans, Middle Easterns and others).

Often, when going down for breakfast at hotel lobby, and if the lift door happens to open on the lower floors, I will greet whoever that comes in "Good morning" too. It is just natural for me to do so.

I simply do not understand why Asians enters the lift, just keep quiet and pretend no one is inside. The worst scenario is when I greeted and a Singaporean couple holidaying in Tokyo, they pretended that I am transparent! So much for whatever courtesy campaigns, gracious behaviours, etc etc.

I don't stay in a HDB flat, so I do not know what is the culture of morning greetings here in Singapore HDB flats ~ especially when we have 40 to 50 storey block of flats, and the lift door is bound to open on the lower floors.

Nonetheless, I guess it is an "errie" silence when someone steps into the lift ~ given the experiences I have encountered with Singaporeans.

Is it that difficult to say "Good morning" for Singaporeans?

Does it cost an arm or a leg to be friendly and polite irrespective of what social class he or she is?


Dec 13 2015

Why do Men swear so much?

He was driving me home just now. A black Audi TT happened to "cut" into his lane and next I heard from his potty mouth was a tirade of really crude swear words for a couple of minutes. I told him to cool down, which he eventually did.

I am not totally against swearing. I do myself when I am upset or angry with someone, but I restrict myself to mild ones like ass, bastard, bitch, shit and the likes of them. And I don't do it in front of anyone, mainly just my close friends and colleagues.

The only time I get any "better" than these mild ones is talking "dirty" during intimacy when my mouth becomes more "sailor-like".

In this Forum, there isn't a single day I do not have to read potty posts. Why do you guys curse and swear so much?

Language ~ whether it is English or Mandarin is wholesome, has a huge choice of words for any given situation.

For any swear word you want to write, there is most likely be another appropriate word(s) rather than those crude swear words.

Excessive swearing in your posts makes you sound like an adolescent, which is what I told him a while ago.


Dec 14 2015

Credit Card (“CC”) left at Self-Checkout Counter

This is the 5th time it has happened to me. The first 2 times at NTUC, the other times at Ikea and Giant, and this time at Giant again!

I am not sure why I am so forgetful, perhaps I am getting old or there is something wrong about this Self-Checkout System which instead of “sliding” previously, now requires a minor “inserting” into the machine.

I did some groceries yesterday at Giant, decided to use Self-Checkout due to the long queues. Scanned, packed my groceries and left. This afternoon, I opened my wallet to get my CC to pay for lunch with my colleagues, the card isn’t there. I was literally “huffing and puffing”, thinking that CC could have dropped out when I took out my whole Mui wallet to tap at the MRT exit.

Cool myself down, mentally traced the places I went ~ I decided to pay Giant a visit and thank God it is there! The supervisor was fantastic and after some verification, he returned my card.

I am sure that there are lots of people who left their CCs behind at Check-out counter as I saw a huge stack of CCs in his drawer.

Is there any way to prevent such carelessness?

For example, ATMs has a sound feature if you have not taken your ATM card out of the slot, shouldn’t Self-Checkout counter has such feature too?


Dec 14 2015

Honeytrap. Should I do it?

Forget about his smoking and forget about the tirade of "organ-related" twaddle from his mouth in the car yesterday.

I am troubled because my best friend, Sue (I call her "Sue", purely for confidential reasons) spotted him with a woman having lunch at Wah Lok, Carlton Hotel this afternoon.

Tonight I met up with my best friend, Sue, for drinks at Wine Connection, Robertson Quay. Sue told me the above.

I have been keeping Sue in the loop about me falling in love again and hoping to finally walk down the aisle with the right man, during our regular night outs or even in Whatsapp. I introduced Sue to him when we had had social drinks at American Club the other night.

At first, I smiled to myself. I even told Sue that it is ok that he has friends from different gender. I said I trust him. Sue described what she saw, i.e., the body language of him and the woman did not suggest that they are mere acquaintances, and that I should be "careful". I dismissed it as pure conjecture. We continued our food and drinks, chatted about our careers, bitch about "idiots" in our offices, joked about people we disliked in law school, etc.

On the way back in a taxi just now, my heart started feeling uneased ~ What if he is really cheating on me, whether with a new woman or his ex?

Sue did suggest at drinks that I employ a "Honeytrap" to test him out. She said she has a part-time contact that she had used to test on his man previously, and rightly so, her man was not to be trusted, and hence she is still a loner. I fear ending up in the same fate, to be awfully honest as I write this post.

I am reluctant to try such "unorthodox" method, let alone having to “brief” a stranger "Honeytrapper" about the man I am in love with, for just under a month.

I just had my shower, having a calmer and reflective mind now. I am pondering again, should I?

What if this “Honeytrap” backfires, as in he discovers that it is a "setup" by me. That I suppose will surely end this relationship, even if he is honestly faithful. I don't think an egotistical and big headed man like him will forgive me for "doubting" him.

In my heart, I want to believe him. He could be just having a simple lunch with his ex (and hence the "warm" body language as Sue had described) and I shouldn't be so uptight about it and let things be.

I did Whatsapp him (at drinks just now) and asked what he was doing tonight. He said he was at home alone and missing me, blah blah blah. I really have no reason to doubt him, save for some gossip from Sue. As a lawyer, I believe in evidence. I have none to suggest any misgivings, save for some hearsay evidence.

I really trust him. I want to trust him. I do love him. I can tolerate his shortcomings like smoking and crude language. But somehow, Sue has sown a niggling doubt in me and hence, my dilemma.

Guys, I am serious and I am not pulling anyone's leg here nor trolling here. If you for any moment doubt the truth in what I am writing here tonight, please click away from this thread and ignore me.

For those who believe me, can I have your candid and direct view whether you will be terribly upset if your wife or girlfriend "Honeytrap" you and you somehow discovers that it is her who is behind it?

Honest view, please, I beseech.


Dec 16 2015

Yawn ~ please close or cover your mouth

Got to work early, cleared my work for the morning. I thought I write something on this, while the memory of what happened last night is still "fresh" in my head.

I get perturbed when the person whom I am sitting with, in the same table yawns and lets off a loud yawning sound ~ “aaaaawaaaaawh”.

The eviler is neither the yawn nor the sound it produces (for me at least).

It is when he or she opens his/her mouth so wide that sometimes it “spray spit” on utensils, food or the person beside. Same goes for people in the meeting room in office. I simply abhor it.

In addition, I always find that the biggest culprits are men. For goodness sake, close your mouth when yawning. No one is interested to see what is inside your mouth nor hear your irksome yawning sound.

Sometimes, when I am “evil” in my heart, I really wish that these yawning culprits get a dislocation of their temporomandibular joint and have their bloody mouth stuck wide open for the next few hours as retribution.

Anyway, he picked me up from work yesterday at 6pm. We had an early dinner at Shinji by Kanesaka at St. Regis. I must say food was great at this Japanese outlet. I love the Omakase Shin meal which I ordered. Oh, I am told that there is usually a long reservation list and I am not sure how he managed to get us a place for dinner. Anyway, that is not important.

What actually disgusted me was HIM. Yes, HIM! I am not sure if he was trying to “stir” me up or being a pest.

During our meal, he let go a loud burp! I had to tell him off ~ and my body automatically cringed up . It really ruined an otherwise perfect dinner. To make matters worse, at the end of dinner he let off this amazing yawn with his mouth wide opened with an equally astounding yawning sound ~ “aaaaawaaaaawh”. Again, I had to tell him to cover up his bloody mouth and tone down his yawning sound.

We then argued about his “yawning” in his car, on the way back to my home. He had the damn cheek to argue that yawning is an indication that his brain needed oxygen and closing his mouth was cutting down on the oxygen he takes in. And he “accused” me of stopping oxygen from getting to his pea brain!

What a Jerk! Rascal. Skunk. Dirt-bag. Devil. Scum. Asshole. Beast. Bastard. Scoundrel. Shit-hole. Rogue. Slimebag. Scallywag. Scamp, Animal. Villain. Ratbag. Stinker. Swine!


Dec 16 2015

Are Singapore taxi drivers “paraplegic”?

I went to Plaza Singapore (“PS”) to do lunch with some colleagues/friends this afternoon. After lunch, we queued for our respective taxis to get back to office.

Before I continue, I must declare I have absolutely no prejudices against taxi-drivers. They could be educated professionals “drop-outs” or they could be driving since day 1 making an honest living.

They may be pesky at times ~ always using the corner of their eyes, looking into their rear mirrors at me, talking too much and so on. However, I bear no grudges against people who are making an honest living as long as they do their job professionally. If they can’t, please find some other job and stop being a driver!

I categorically cannot understand why some of these Singapore taxi drivers suffer from “paraplegia”. At the PS taxi stand, there was a Caucasian lady with baby, a baby pram, and Cold Storage grocery bags. The taxi drove forward, the boot opened.

The “paraplegic” taxi driver happily sat in his driver compartment. The poor Caucasian lady had to (1) load the baby into the passenger compartment, (2) fold-up the baby pram, (3) loaded the groceries into the boot, (4) returned the Cold Storage Trolley at the designated trolley-hold and (5) finally boarded. In fact, I even went forward to help her load some of her stuff into the taxi’s boot.

Inside me, I was infuriated. I was about to confront this “paraplegic” driver and knock some cow-sense into his pea-size brain. Why can’t he come out of his taxi and assist the lady. Is he really a paraplegic driver? I seriously doubt it.

Not only it shows how unprofessional and unsympathetic these drivers are, it inconsiderately held up the queue of others as well – other passengers in the queue and other taxi drivers who are behind his taxi.

PS : Conversely, it all seems strange at Changi Airport taxi stand. You will find these taxi drivers ever ready to load your heaviest luggage. Is that what “airport surcharge” is for? I am sure it is not.


Dec 17 2015

I will never let a man carry my handbag

The sight of man carrying a woman's handbag irks me. If any of you carry your woman's handbag, may I ask if she is a handicap?

I am in the train now going to work. I cannot help but notice this couple. The man, presumably, a Singaporean (from his heavy Singlish accent) is carrying the handbag of his girlfriend! How embarassing! And those PDOA is simply disgusting. Why the hell do they need to PDOA in the train!

For heaven's sake, it is only a Mui Mui handbag (thankfully I am not carrying it today!) which I have as well. How heavy does it weigh? It is not as if it is a grocery bag full of stuff or some piece of heavy furniture!

I like men who are S.N.A.G. However, this is certainly not S.N.A.G. This is abusing your man. He is neither your slave nor butler. He looks stupid, foolish and obscenely grotesque when carrying that Mui Mui bag.

Carrying a woman's handbag bag isn't chivalrous. It depletes your masculinity and certainly not gentlemanly behavior. It is wimpy, wussy and sissy.

I will be ashamed of him if he even volunteers to carry my handbag. Keep my finger crossed and if he ever does it one day, I will surely snap at him.

That's all, I need to get off soon.