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Muslims beat up Santa in Germany, tell him it is ‘their country’


Half a dozen migrant youths attacked the 54-year-old victim whilst others watched and laughed


German state police are searching for a group of youths who are suspected of committing actual bodily harm against a middle-aged man dressed up as Santa Claus on his way to perform at an event in Hesse.

The 54-year-old victim was due to perform at the Königsalm on Königsplatz in the city of Kassel on Dec. 6 when he was approached by a gang of youths who crossed the street and confronted him.

According to the victim, Rainer B., the gang comprised several teenagers of a migrant background around 15 years of age. He told police they insulted him, calling him a “son of a bitch” and a “fat man” and ordered him to remove his Santa Claus costume.

They said they were Muslim and that Germany was “their country,” the victim said, as reported by the Hessische Allgemeine newspaper.

When he refused, the gang turned violent and struck him, resulting in injuries to his neck and tearing his costume. In self-defense, the man hit one of his attackers in the face, causing them to flee towards Martinsplatz.

The victim noted that several people witnessed the attack and, rather than intervening, laughed at him and applauded the migrant attackers.

The attackers were reportedly between 14 and 16 years of age with black hair, and were dressed in dark clothing, the man told the police.

After filing a complaint with the authorities, the case was assigned to the state security agency, as is customary when a political motive cannot be ruled out.

“The state security agency has taken over the investigation on suspicion of bodily harm, insults, and damage to property,” police spokeswoman Ulrike Schaake confirmed.

Rainer B. continued on his way to perform at the event in his damaged costume, but due to his appearance, photographs with the attending children were canceled.

The victim remained stoic following the attack, insisting it would not prevent him from continuing in his role next year.

“I’ll carry on,” he told local media, adding that he plans to arm himself with pepper spray moving forward to ensure he can adequately defend himself.