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Germany: North African muslim migrant urinates on a train conductor after brutally beating her


The suspect left a trail of mayhem in southern Germany, attacking numerous women and stealing a car while armed with a broken bottle


A migrant male brutally beat a German train worker who was performing a ticket check and then severely humiliated his victim by urinating on her in front of several witnesses, only to escape the scene and attack a number of other women at a nearby supermarket. He remains on the run.

Witnesses at the train station at Graben-Neudorf in Karlsruhe, located in southern Germany, say a 35-year-old migrant attacked a 57-year-old rail employee when the worker tried to check his ticket. A police spokesperson said the suspect, who has a “North African” appearance, severely injured the train worker “by punching, kicking and choking” her.

The migrant then grabbed the woman’s head and pushed it against his crotch in an attempt to simulate oral sex. He then turned to the people on the train and demanded they shout, “Heil Hitler.” As a final act, he urinated on his victim in front of witnesses, according to German newspaper Bild.

The man fled the scene, while emergency services transported the woman to the hospital with severe injuries. The migrant walked into a nearby supermarket and proceeded to attack two other women, threw a plate at a saleswoman, and then hit a customer who was waiting to pay at a checkout counter.

He then walked into the supermarket parking lot armed with a broken bottle where he attacked a driver, stole his car keys, and fled in the victim’s gray VW T-Cross. While fleeing in the car, the man drove erratically, leading to several accidents.

Police continue to actively search for the suspect, who is considered armed and dangerous.

Public transportation workers face brutal assaults​

As Remix News has reported in the past, migrants are responsible for a greatly disproportionate share of crime in Germany, and public workers on bus and rail transportation have often been the targets of attacks. It is especially dangerous for ticket controllers, who are often attacked for asking foreigners to pay for their tickets.

Last summer, a German train driver was brutally beaten by two Afghan males while bystanders filmed the incident.

Police data show that knife attacks at German train stations have doubled since 2019, largely due to mass immigration.

Last month, an Afghan migrant temporarily shut down the entire train network near Kassel after he laid on the tracks and began masturbating.

Asylum Seeker Terror on German Train, 2 Lives Lost

In 2022, two Nigerians beat a German train conductor unconscious when he asked them to clear away from the train door. A month before, a German ticket inspector was stabbed by a Syrian migrant who had refused to buy a ticket.

One Syrian vandal has racked up over €1 million worth of damage in his long criminal career, with the man accused of smashing the windshields of over 200 cars, robbing and injuring a pensioner, and setting fire to a bus. Last year, a German court revoked an arrest warrant applied for by the authorities, effectively allowing him to walk free.