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ByHello Its me

April 12, 2024


A man recently shared a story on how much money he has to waste on going drinking after a few of his friends brought him to a pub that has local girls.

He stated that not only it is a waste of money but also a waste of time and receives false hope.

I don’t have much experience drinking but I am quite an observant person.

My friend brought me to a pub along Beach Road and there were a few local girls there who worked as hostesses. They were very young and they most of them look like they have gone through a lot the typical “single moms” or “addict” kind of girls.

They asked to join us for a drink and started drinking together, I knew exactly what they are and I told the girl I don’t need one.

My friend wanted one and questioned me at the toilet later on about why I do not want a girl. I told him that it is a waste of time and money as they are working girls, last time this kind of places all thai and viet girls, now even local girls come in for a piece of the pie.

He then question me if there are other ways to get girls and asked if I was normal. I then asked him if it was normal to use the money to get girls, like that go Geylang one-shot settle even faster.

So back in the bar, the magic question was popped by the girl to buy a drink that cost $100. He agreed and paid for it.

After he paid for the drink, the girl left and did not come back.

I then asked him to go to Geylang sua, at here still pay for drinks waste time and even more money.

Don’t get me wrong, I love eating and drinking but I do not enjoy paying for hostesses as I know 90% of them are one kind.

He then diam diam started to think about the money he had to spend all these years to “buy hope”.

Most men go to these kinds of pubs/clubs or siam diu with the hope they can find a girlfriend but 90% of them end up either in tears or bankrupt cause they need to “support the girls” and end up paying more than they can bargain for.

Mostly caused by their ego and they pay for flowers or ladies’ drinks or whatever.

I agree that one can meet a girl in a regular pub or club but I highly condemn these kinds of places.
I’m astound that local girls had stoop so low

Scrooball (clone)

Buying girls the crazy priced drinks ranks high up there on the stupidity chart just like the hang flower joints.