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Michelin-starred Whitegrass Restaurant jiak grass, uplorry on 22 dec 2018!


Alfrescian (Inf)
After a while even the most optimistic or reckless will realise its simply makes no sense to work yourself silly for the landlord.
With the highest rentals in the world but low disposable income (after mortgage, CPF, ERP, COE, ect2) even hawkers are struggling .
The academics, civil servants/former soldiers and politicians are of course oblivious to the real world and imagine you even have ministers who say that high cost or inflation is good!


If this restaurant is really doing well ..the best way is to buy their own premises.... running any biz and paying rent is not a medium or long term viable strategy...but as all better commercial real estates ar controlled by the oligarchs...to rent is to be a slave forever.