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MAGA: People from shithole countries!


london is now a shithole with so many pakis and shitskins.
It's not just London the whole fucking country has gone down the tubes. This is what happens when too many dark skinned people are allowed in.

Enoch Powell, the only other politician who had the same wisdom as Trump warned this would happen more than half a century ago.


I am sure President Pansy feels likewise about "Asians" and it's a matter of time before this surfaces.

Remember, his base makes no distinction between Blacks and Gooks (Asians).
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Read that shithead Trump want to stop inflow of drugs.

He shd start first with America history and come clean with opium trade in China today.

He can do it start apologizing to China of America Andrew Delano Roosevelt and more names of Americans in Opium trade with China for 100 years.

Then this fuckers can bring up to stop drug trade into America.



This are America created shithokes countries.

BE and America Want to create China as another shithokes countries that they can shit on today. Fuck Trump.

Thanks to Mao he get rid of Americans in China. See this video at 5:42 America flee in exodus getting out of China in mass. 中国万岁。

America And UN aids to such countries were to suppress them and make them poor. Poor cannit afford arms to create uprising to go against America.

Theses 2 countries are in America borders. Remember that.

BE suppressed India turn ah nehs into poor country wirh GDP less than 4 % after they left. India GDP was 20% before BE came.

What u making noise for without POS.

Tell me honestly how else would you describe countries like El Salvador? They are shitholes my any measure. How many Americans would send their children there for an education? :rolleyes::p