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Living in JB 3 (Johore)


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Someone just shared this with me.

Both CW3 & CW6 will have new terminal as well as the route going to Sg.
Good news both buses will be pass by Horizon Hills.


Bros who have East Ledang, i am sure the bus will pass by your area as well. Peace to all.


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I suppose can post anything lah. TCSS also can lah. Since no infaction or zapping fm Boss. But should the latter happen dont blame me hor. Maybe Chief Wuqi can clarify here.
Yes, anything except politics unless its really critical information to share. I will try to enforce on myself as well.

Oh ya bro. Yes it's new edge. Now I recall y I remembered tis shop.
I saw them at home fair 1 time n I remember I shared in here. Bro wuqi commented I think.
I was surprise when I saw e shop in bt indah.
Based on wat I saw at e home fair, e door quality n lock set is superb
Maybe bro wuqi can comment again ..

Is it the new edge door shop or pure wrought iron grill?
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can we hv guidelines wat to talk abt over this thread ?
Hi bros & sis,

was just catching up reading and suddenly saw "Closed Thread". Came here and see how fast it has flowed; Wuqi, DoA, Arsenal, Crystal, the Positive force.

I hope we have left the era of clones, trolls and even Adolph Hitler back in the past thread.

I know, is just a wish but would be nice to capture the sprit of 2010 when people were exploring JB and sharing good stuff with each other regardless of nationality or colour. Of course injected by the occassional naysayers.

I think is important to acknowledge that the general dissatisfaction has driven Singaporeans over. Also important to acknowledge once here (in JB), the abundance and quality of life where money stretches longer & opening of new horizons in friendship and experiences is enriching and the welcoming of the host country with open arms should be cherished.

Ok lah, at least let me dream. I believe we will all get along very well :smile:
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thanks for e msg ....
u been quiet nowadays leh ... i am still waiting for u at e other side ....
no need dream , i am sure me and wuqi will get along well with u ... but i not sure e other 2 ... hahahhaha
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Thx contra. Generally we don't step on anyone unless we found out some1 takes us for rides.
I don't like politics either. Let's all continue 2 help each other whenever possible.