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Who doesn't know that it was you who tried to seduce your father in law resulting in your own divorce.
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You another glockman clone stop telling lies when I clearly stated the posts that @Leongsam indiscriminately deleted are specific replies to posts everywhere spamming Gansiokbin. What a self entitled bastard Jeremy Quek to spam lies of Gansiokbin everywhere using various clones while demanding I keep to my threads. Pui!
Told you to behave ...now your spam post on unrelated thread about your issues have been removed


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You Jeremy Quek of SUPERFUTUREKIDS,, TINITECH CO and SKINNYFATKIDS WORLDWIDE stop spamming lies to bully people to win just because of your personal bias. Obviously the facts point to the opposite. In this forum of bullies, @strawberry will not say bullying is a bad decision in life and you have to suffer consequences for it just like @strawberry only son dead.View attachment 143500View attachment 143501