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Chitchat Kimchi Chiobu Influencer Screaming Out of Siam Paragon



Korean YouTuber Bobby Jini was live streaming while dining at a restaurant in Siam Paragon when the first gunshot was heard. Screams could be heard from the crowd, and Jini immediately flew into a state of panic. She jumped up from her seat, grabbed her camera, and bolted from the restaurant.
“Why? What’s going on?” she shrieked as she ran towards the exit.

Terrified, she let out an expletive and asked no one in particular: “Was that a gun?”

Many people could also be seen trying to escape the mall in Jini’s video.
After exiting the mall, Jini asked a passer-by: “What happened? Did someone get shot?”
The passer-by was flustered as well, and simply told her they “weren’t sure, but it seemed like it”.
Jini then told her viewers: “I saw a lady who ran off without her baby stroller. At that moment, I had a feeling this wasn’t a joke.”
“If I was a little slower, something could’ve happened to me!” she added.