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Arrested: 14 yr old shooter in Siam Paragon Bangkok



Hundreds flee from ‘active shooter’ at Siam Paragon Mall in Bangkok​


BANGKOK – Hundreds of shoppers fled a popular shopping mall in Bangkok on Tuesday after gunshots were heard ringing near high-end retail stores.
Videos and photos posted on social media show people rushing to the exits of the Siam Paragon Mall as an “active shooter” was reported to be prowling the mall.
Initial reports said the gunshots were heard coming from a toilet on the ground floor.
Other shoppers were said to have taken shelter inside stores at the mall.
A video posted on X, formerly Twitter, showed men, women and children hurriedly making their way out of a grocery.
“We were eating ice cream when suddenly many people came running and looked scared. I heard someone say that there seems to be (gunshots),” X user Shirley (@xiaxia00701) said in her post.
A train station was closed, and the public was advised to stay away from the mall.
There were no immediate reports of injuries or deaths, police spokesperson Achayon Kraithong told Reuters, adding that police were taking control of the situation.
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Active shooter' on loose in Bangkok shopping centre as terrified public flee gunshots​

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  • 11:00, 3 OCT 2023UPDATED11:20, 3 OCT 2023



Thailand police responding to reports of Bangkok mall shooting​

At least one person has been injured and police are working to secure the scene​

Namita Singh
2 minutes ago

Thailand police say they are responding to reports that a man armed with a handgun has opened fire in a mall in central Bangkok.

At least one person has been injured and police are working to secure the scene.

Witnesses said crowds of people were fleeing the Siam Paragon mall after hearing what appeared to be gunfire.
Videos shared by shoppers online showed people streaming out of the luxury shopping centre. In another clip, customers cower in shops as a series of loud bangs can be heard.

The public broadcaster ThaiPBS said several gunshot-like sounds were heard at Siam Paragon, but had no other details.

The mall’s entrances have been closed and train services suspended at a station near the shopping centre.



Shots fired by armed man in Bangkok's Siam Paragon mall, injuries reported​

Screenshots from a video of people running out of Siam Paragon in Bangkok, Thailand on Oct 3, 2023.
Screenshots from a video of people running out of Siam Paragon in Bangkok, Thailand on Oct 3, 2023.

Published October 3, 2023
Updated October 3, 2023
BANGKOK — Thai police said on Tuesday (Oct 3) that they had received reports of shots fired, injuries and a man armed with a handgun at a luxury shopping mall in central Bangkok.

Police said they were taking control of the situation. An emergency response team said at least one person was injured.

Unverified videos shared on social media showed people, including children, running out of the doors of the Siam Paragon mall as security guards ushered them out.
One of the videos showed people taking cover in a darkened room inside a restaurant. Reuters could not immediately verify the reports or the authenticity of the videos.

Local broadcaster Channel 3 reported sounds similar to gunfire were heard inside, coming from a bathroom in the mall.

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin told reporters he was waiting details of the incident.
Police spokesperson Achayon Kraithong said the national police chief had ordered and dispatched officers to control the area to resolve the situation. Television showed long queues of traffic outside the mall in torrential rain.

Gun violence is common in Thailand. An ex-police officer killed 22 children in a nursery last year during a gun-and-knife rampage, while in 2020 a soldier shot and killed at least 29 people and wounded 57 in a rampage that spanned four locations in and around the northeastern Thai city of Nakhon Ratchasima. REUTERS


Breaking news: Bangkok luxury mall horror: Gunman on the loose at Siam Paragon (video)
Photo of Bob Scott
UPDATE: Three people have been reportedly shot dead by a teenage gunman on the rampage at Siam Paragon Mall in Bangkok.

A Thai policeman has apprehended the alleged gunman, a 14 year old boy at the luxury Siam Paragon Mall in the Thai capital
. The gunman on the floor with his hands in cuffs is wearing the same combat trousers as an earlier photo of a man with a gun.

Earlier, an active gunman reportedly opened fire inside the luxury shopping destination, according to Thai police.

Siam Paragon Mall has been temporarily closed in response to reports of “loud sounds,” with video clips circulating on social media depicting people evacuating the premises. Thai police are en route to the central Bangkok mall but have not yet confirmed any injuries.

Initial accounts suggest that shots from the gunman originated from a restroom on the ground floor. Some shoppers sought refuge inside stores within Siam Paragon.
Breaking news: Bangkok luxury mall horror: Gunman on the loose at Siam Paragon (video) | News by Thaiger
Police arrest the alleged gunman in Siam Paragon. Picture by @dogduckbear
Breaking news: Bangkok luxury mall horror: Gunman on the loose at Siam Paragon (video) | News by Thaiger
On Twitter, one user posted a warning…
“There’s a shooting incident in Siam Paragon. To anyone going or planning to go there, please avoid it at this moment. Stay safe everyone.”
Another user shared a video from inside the shopping mall, where the sound of the gunman firing shots could be heard in the background…
“There must be so many people stuck inside.”
Liu Shiying, a Chinese tourist, informed the AP from within the mall that she witnessed people fleeing while hearing reports of someone discharging a firearm.
She mentioned that an alarm sounded within the mall, and the lights abruptly went dark. Currently, she remains in a place of safety within the mall.
“We’re temporarily hiding. Who dares to go out?”
First responders could be seen entering the mall as sirens wailed outside.
Reportedly, the Bangkok Skytrain Siam Station, situated adjacent to the mall, has also been closed, and the identity of the suspect remains unknown.
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