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Jobless S'porean sends out 50+ job applications but receives only 2 calls, asks if job market "really bad right now?"

Scrooball (clone)

Navy and Airforce pay better more allowance provided, Navy accept ITE holders Airforce need diploma or A level
Other services forget it
Ah the good old lowly educated but sign on army / Air Force / navy regular. I recall one lowly second sergeant who always yaya that he can afford a car.


Remember, the number of applications isn't always indicative of the quality or suitability for the roles you're applying for. It might be beneficial to tailor your CV and cover letter more closely to each position, highlighting specific skills and experiences that match what they're looking for. In the meantime, looking into how to make money online could provide not just a financial stopgap but also potentially open up new career avenues. Freelancing, online tutoring, or digital content creation are all avenues worth exploring. Stay persistent and open to adapting your approach – the right opportunity could be just around the corner.