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Iswaran allowed to extend stay in Australia after falling sick


Iswaran allowed to extend stay in Australia after falling sick

Khairani Afifi Noordin Published on Mon, Mar 04, 2024 / 07:06 PM GMT+08 / Updated 39 minutes ago

Former minister S Iswaran has been granted permission by the court to stay longer in Australia than originally indicated after he fell ill there, according to the AGC.
Iswaran was on Jan 18 slapped with 27 charges including corruption. He has pleaded not guilty.
On Feb 8, the former transport minister, out on $800,000 bail, was allowed to leave Singapore for Australia to help his son settle into school there.
At an urgent mention at the State Courts earlier on March 4, his lawyers applied to extend Iswaran’s leave jurisdiction by 16 days, until March 19, as he had fallen ill while in Australia.
The prosecution did not object to the application, subject to the following enhanced bail conditions being met.
First, Iswaran is to report to the Investigation Officer daily via video call to update on his medical condition and whether there are any issues concerning his return to Singapore on March 19.

He is to surrender his passport to the CPIB on March 20 and his bailor to give consent for the extension of his stay in Australia.



Looks like he might not come back... extend 16 more days will give him ample time to plan to hide and become uncontactable.

but what can PAP do? LOL