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is this a satisfying video?


A cautionary tale of a motorcycle racing in the opposite direction, crashing into a pickup truck, crashing into a sedan, body thrown off, a van crushing it again, causing a horrifying death.

Feb. 28, 2024 – Police Lieutenant Newin Sunthawanik, Deputy Investigation Inspector, Huai Yai Police Station, received a report of a motorcycle accident that collided with a pickup truck. and then was trampled by a car again There was a death in the incident. On National Highway No. 331, Sattahip - Khao Hin Son Road, Khao Mai Kaeo Subdistrict, Bang Lamung District, Chonburi Province, after receiving the notification, they coordinated. Rescue workers at Sawang Boriboon Dhamma Sathan, Pattaya City Hurry and send the force to investigate.

At the scene, officers had to use their vehicles to turn on their siren lights. Prevent repeated accidents. On the road, the remains of a red-gray Honda Wave brand motorcycle with registration number 8 km. 6895 Bangkok were found. It was hit and sustained heavy damage.

On the road, the body of Mr. Teeraphon Ruesrichan, 26 years old, was also found, who had been repeatedly trampled by a car until he died in the middle of the road. On the shoulder of the road, there was also a gray Isuzu D-Max pickup truck with registration number 8621 Chonburi, with Mr. Chakkraphong Khamkhong, 31 years old, as the driver. There was damage to the right side of the rear of the pickup truck.

The second one It was a red Toyota Vios sedan, Gun No. 1592 Bangkok, which had minor damage to the front. The other vehicle is a bronze van with registration number HTH 4314, Bangkok, with Mr. Winai Khannai, age 63, as the driver. It also received damage to the front.

Ask Mr. Suthinan Promyom, 23 years old, who witnessed the incident. He said that he did not know where the motorcycle was coming from. He only saw that the motorcycle had hit the back of a pickup truck. Then both people and motorcycles were thrown and collided with a sedan. and the van crashed again

Mr. Winai, the van driver, revealed that he was driving behind a sedan and noticed that a motorcycle collided with a pickup truck and bounced towards him. own car in the right lane causing himself to step heavily on the motorcycle As for the rider, he couldn't see it.

Meanwhile, the CCTV camera was able to record the image of a motorcycle traveling in the opposite direction at high speed. It collided with a pickup truck that was about to turn into the factory until it was thrown and hit by a sedan. Then slipped and was trampled by a van again.