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Tesla killed Indian in Hong Kong



Cabby and woman arrested after hit and run leaving biker to die​

Local | 7 Mar 2024 11:17 am
A 67-year-old cabby and a female driver were arrested after they absconded from the scene of a crash on Lin Cheung Road Wednesday night where they left a 56-year-old Indian biker to die without reporting to the police.

The incident occurred around 10 pm as the motorcycle collided with a taxi while the biker was cutting into the adjacent lane.

The biker was thrown off from his vehicle and collapsed in the middle of the road. He was then rolled over by a passing private car.

Yet, both the 67-year-old cabby, surnamed Ma, and the 65-year-old driver, surnamed Lau, didn’t pull over and fled the scene.

The biker, sustaining severe injuries, was rushed to Caritas Medical Centre and was eventually pronounced dead at 10.38 pm.

After an in-depth investigation, police arrested Ma in the early hours of Thursday.

This morning (Thu), Lau also proactively contacted police to turn herself in and officers later found the Tesla she was driving.

Both of them were arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving causing death, failing to pull over and report to police after a traffic accident.

Both are remanded in custody.

The case is now being handled by the Kowloon West regional traffic special investigation team.