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If u are taxidriver, is it worth it to do Grab or Uber?


I am a TD and notice the prevalence of pte hire apps overwhelmingly more popular than our taxi meter. Seems like everyone is avoiding our taxis more n more in preference over Grab or Uber! Now many taxi cos allow us TDs to take grabtaxi, justgrab or Uberflash if u are comfort taxis. I just wondering whether it is worth it bec our daily taxi rentals easily over $100 per day but those phv car rentals are almost half of ours so they can afford to do cheaper grab n Uber jobs. So if taxidriver, is it worth it?? It's like a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea bec if u don't, how to survive in this industry???


I am qualified to answer this question.
I drove Uber when i was jobless

Chee BYE Grab hires ah bengs. Ah Bengs never mind, but xia lan arrogant ah bengs like those in Sim Lim Squares.
It is not uncommon to get complains from unreasonable or shitskin customers, then the Grab Investigation Officers think they are like Police IOs, chao chee bye bastards.

They only side passengers, they chin chin chye chye suspend 2 of my friends who are honest hardworking people who still have car lease with Grab. I have a friend who really cry and plead with the chao Grab ah bengs. CURSE THEM TO HELL!! His child was due soon, and he got to pay for his home loan and Grab's lease. In the end, i lent my friend money to tide him through.

(Grab's lease vehicle cannot be used for Uber, unless u pay for another insurance).


Ya. Grab now really cheebye. Damn Hou lian. Always suspend drivers. Sadly they had let success go to their heads bec they are now the most popular apps be it phv or taxis. Management I heard is very bad No wonder all taxi drivers now complaining huge loss of income. Even on busy nights at peak hrs, u can see pax all queuing at taxistand but not taking taxis n all waiting for grab & Uber!

Tony Tan


‘I considered driving a taxi for living before a job came up in Moscow’ – Putin
Published time: 15 Mar, 2018 11:58
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© Alexei Druzhinin / Sputnik
After the downfall of his patron, Anatoly Sobchak, Vladimir Putin turned down a job in the new St. Petersburg administration and considered driving a taxi to provide for his family, the Russian president recalled in an interview.
Sobchak was the first and only mayor of St. Petersburg. In 1996, he failed in his bid for re-election to the office, which had been rebranded ‘governor.’ Putin, who was Sobchak’s right-hand man by that time, said part of the blame for Sobchak’s failure was attributable to his straightforwardness, which sometimes was badly timed; but he had also been the victim of dirty tricks.

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‘I slept with a pump-action shotgun beside my bed’: Putin reveals details of life in 1990s Russia

“A pretty intensive and really dirty campaign was launched against him. A libelous campaign, in fact,” Putin said in an interview with filmmaker Andrey Kondrashov, whose documentary about the Russian president is currently being broadcast in installments.

According to Igor Sechin, now head of the state oil giant Rosneft and member of Sobchak’s team in the 1990s, Putin was offered a job in the new St. Petersburg administration but rejected the offer, preferring to stay loyal to his boss. “I’d rather be shot by a firing squad for loyalty than hanged for treason,” is how Putin explained his position, according to Sechin.

Putin’s decision hurt his career prospects. Luckily for him, he received an invitation to move to Moscow and work for the presidential administration.

“I didn’t have much of a choice. What else could I have done? I had nowhere to get a job. Frankly speaking, I considered working as a taxi driver part-time or something, I’m not joking. What other choice did I have? I had two small children [to provide for],” he explained.

Putin added that he was grateful to Pavel Borodin, who was President Boris Yeltsin’s chief of staff at the time, for his job offer; but he was not happy about having to leave St. Petersburg, his home city.

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