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Serious Idiots of this World


KNNBCCB NS policemen are better trained that these pussy policemen

New Video Shows Unarmed, Kidnapped Girl Being Gunned Down by Police​

“Come here! Come here! Come to me! Come to me!” another officer instructs Savannah. “Come, come, come, come! Walk, walk, walk, walk!”

As Savannah begins walking toward police, she is struck down by gunfire.



Fuckrrrrr should be made to wash the toilets at Tekkah market and then fed the .........
Hail the new king

Prodigal Thai Prince Agrees to Pay His Credit Card Debt​

A top contender for Thailand’s throne—and the $40 billion fortune attached—reached a deal with American Express to pay down tens of thousands of dollars in overdue credit card bills in March, not long after The Daily Beast exposed court proceedings over the debt last month.

Legal documents filed in New York State in March reveal that Vacharaesorn Vivacharawongse, presumed heir to elderly and spectacularly wealthy King Maha Vajiralongkorn, agreed to pay down $94,767.88 in charges he defaulted on in 2023.



Can the idiotic fat man launch an attack against China?
Does he have the balls?

Chidambaram added: “Under the BJP government, China has occupied 2000sqkm of Indian territory and is fortifying the area. China is on a renaming spree and is merrily changing the names of villages and landmarks. Why is the foreign minister subdued in his response to the actions of China?”

Tewari, a former information and broadcasting minister, also said Jaishankar’s response to the renaming of places in India by China reflected the Modi government’s “meekness and weakness”.


Well well well
What else is there for me to say

90% of Indians are 'idiots', Markandey Katju says

NEW DELHI: Ninety per cent of Indians are "idiots" who can
easily be misled by mischievous elements in the name of
religion, Press Council of India (PCI) chairperson Justice
Markandey Katju claimed on Saturday.

"I say ninety per cent of Indians are idiots. You people
don't have brains in your heads ... It is so easy to take
you for a ride," he said at a seminar.

He said that a communal riot could be incited in Delhi for
as meagre an amount as Rs 2000.


Read more at:


Now who is the blady Idiot?
Not the accused.
Poor guy suffers from mental illness.
But the Idiotic judge and the foolish prosecutor who do not know the law.
They will only realize the seriousness of mental disease when they themselves start hearing voices.

Man who stole two cans of pork from supermarket and placed them at Bedok North mosque entrance jailed 12 weeks​

The DPP said the man had displayed a 'pattern of threatening to use pork to insult Muslims', including towards his Muslim ex-girlfriend​

History of psychiatric episodes and substance abuse​

Poh was then remanded at the Institute of Mental Health from 19 May to 1 June 2023 for psychiatric observation and evaluation.
CNA reported his psychiatric report said that Poh had previous psychiatric episodes in June 2021 and again in April 2022. On the two occasions, Poh had heard voices which told him, among other things, to kill himself.


The Biggest Idiot right now.
Haul this son of a bastard up in chains for War Crimes against babies.
Netanyahu will be hauled up in molten chains into Hell for Eternity.

Protesters in Haifa called the government a failure, saying Netanyahu is "guilty, guilty, guilty."





The biggest Idiots

Trump the 'idiot', Modi the 'criminal'―10 famous political Google bombs​

While Google results can sometimes be entertaining, they can also be quite controversial. Politicians have always been the butt of a lot of jokes on the Internet, and Google bombs are increasingly becoming one of the most popular ways of doing so.

Google-bombing is the act of causing a particular search result to be shown higher in the list of results of largely irrelevant and inappropriate queries for comedic or political purposes. Known as ‘search engine bombs’ prior to when Google became the universal search engine, Google bombs gained mainstream popularity in 2007.

Listed below are 10 of the most prominent political Google bombs:

1. ‘Idiot’ – Donald J. Trump

In July 2018, the leader of the free world President Donald Trump became a victim of the infamous Google bombs. A search for the query ‘idiot’ showing pictures of Trump led the Judiciary Committee to launch an investigation into the workings of Google and even called in CEO Sundar Pichai for a hearing.

2. ‘Top 10 criminals’ – Narendra Modi, along with images of terrorists

In June 2015, the query ‘top 10 criminals’ showed among a list of most wanted terrorists, dictators, and other criminals, the name and picture of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Google was soon prompted to issue an apology citing incorrect information from a British daily.

ALSO READ: Pinarayi Vijayan is Google's answer to ‘bad chief minister’

3. ‘Completely wrong’ – Mitt Romney

During the months leading up to the presidential election in 2012, Republican nominee Mitt Romney showed up as the top result for the search query ‘completely wrong’. This occurred in light of some political comments made by Romney in a blog post in October, in which he stated that 47 per cent of Americans were “victims” and were dependent on the government. The ‘completely wrong’ string was linked with these comments due to Google’s algorithms picking it up from various news reports.



KNNBCCB NS policemen are better trained that these pussy policemen

New Video Shows Unarmed, Kidnapped Girl Being Gunned Down by Police​

“Come here! Come here! Come to me! Come to me!” another officer instructs Savannah. “Come, come, come, come! Walk, walk, walk, walk!”

As Savannah begins walking toward police, she is struck down by gunfire.

RIP. Condolences to her family


Must be Dodis again
Cruel Idiot Assholes.
Shaft a spiked pole into their assholes.

8-year-old girl gang raped, bludgeoned to death in Rajkot; 3 arrested​

The girl's body was found in an isolated spot behind a railway station in Rajkot on October 7, a day after she was reported missing, the police said.​

An eight-year-old girl was allegedly kidnapped, raped and bludgeoned to death with a stone by three people in Gujarat's Rajkot city, police said on Monday.

The police on Monday arrested all three accused, who are known to the girl's father, an official said.

The child's body was found in an isolated spot behind a railway station in the city on October 7, a day after she was reported missing, he said.

The city crime branch zeroed in on the accused persons based on CCTV footage and intelligence inputs and arrested them. The trio were known to the victim's father, additional commissioner of police Vidhi Chaudhary said.

"The accused raped and murdered the victim by bashing her head in with a stone. The accused killed the girl as they were known to her father and feared that she might tell him about them," Chaudhary told reporters.

Two of the accused had fled the city after the body was found, as they feared arrest, she said.

As per a release issued by the city crime branch, the CCTV footage showed the victim walking with one of the accused on the night she went missing from her home. She was lured by the accused, who took her to an isolated place where he was joined by the others.

The trio took the girl into the bushes and raped her before killing her using a big stone, it stated.


Blady filthy dirty corrupt Idiotic Dodis supply fake medicines all over the world including Singapore.
Throw these bastards out.
I say it is not 25% fake medicines but 75%
How many have you taken?

https://www.indiatoday.in/health/st...MEDICINE FROM,the Indian domestic drug market.

Chalk in your tablet? How you can spot fake medicines​

Medicines with a retail price of Rs 33 lakh were found to be just chalk and starch. An Assocham study says 25% of all medicines in India are fake, counterfeit or substandard. Doctors and chemists reveal how people can spot fake medicines and ensure they buy only genuine ones.​

Sushim Mukul
Sushim Mukul
New Delhi,UPDATED: Mar 8, 2024 13:17 IST

In Short​

  • Fake medicines include counterfeit, contaminated or mislabelled drugs
  • Patients must pay attention to spelling errors on labels
  • Buyers should be alert to the bottling and strip's appearance
  • Purchase of loose tablets and capsules should be avoided
It was supposed to be medicines worth Rs 33 lakh. What they, instead, turned out to be was just chalk and starch powder.
The seizure of fake medicines on Wednesday in Telangana during a raid isn't a one-off case. Fake medicines are a big malady in India.
Around 25% of India's drugs are fake, counterfeit or substandard, according to a 2022 study by industry body ASSOCHAM. ---- I say it is 100% fake

There is an intricate web producing and supplying fake and counterfeit medicines that pose a big threat to public health and well-being.
How do people ensure that they buy genuine medicine? Can buyers spot fake medicine when they are being handed a tablet strip or a bottle of syrup?
That is possible, say doctors and chemists, it is just that people need to be informed and cautious while buying medicine.


The 2020 ASSOCHAM study 'Fake and Counterfeit Drugs In India –Booming Biz' revealed that fake drugs constituted $4.25 billion (Rs 352 crore) of the total $14–17 billion (Rs 14 trillion) of the Indian domestic drug market.
Since 2022, around 200 people, including children, have died in the Gambia, Uzbekistan and Indonesia after consuming cough syrups.

Subsequent investigations linked the deaths to different drug manufacturers in India. The investigations linked the hundreds of deaths to "contaminated syrups".
On March 6, the Drugs Control Administration (DCA) seized fake medicines containing chalk powder and starch, with a face value of Rs 33.3 lakh, in Telangana.
The officials found that the fake medicines were being sold by a non-existent company, Meg Lifesciences.
Following the seizure, all medicines from Meg Lifesciences were subjected to a "Spurious Drug Alert and Stop-Use Notice" from the DCA.


Ever wondered about the authenticity of the quick-fix syrup we rush to after a light cold or the multiple tablets that people consumed during the Covid-19 pandemic?
Fake medicines are an umbrella category, which includes counterfeit, contaminated or mislabeled medicines, according to the Interpol DOs and Don'ts on 'illicit goods and shop safely'.
"Don't take the chance," says the article upfront.
Approximately 10% of medicines in low- and middle-income countries prove ineffective because they are substandard or falsified, says the World Health Organization (WHO).
Therefore, the prevalence of counterfeit medications is far more widespread than one might realise, making the identification of fake medicines really challenging.


However, some information and caution while buying medicines might help in spotting fake medicines and procuring only genuine ones.
"Firstly, tally the name of the medicine with the one prescribed. Patients must pay attention to spelling errors on labels, be alert to the bottling and strip's appearance, compromised packaging or any other deviations that don't look normal," NOIDA-based gynaecologist Dr Uma Mishra tells IndiaToday.In.
She also advises that the purchase of loose tablets and capsules should be avoided and one should try to go for a whole strip because it has all the required details.
That the devil can be spotted if attention is paid to the detail is also stressed by Amy Callanan of Pfizer, a global pharma giant.
Genuine medicines maintain a consistent appearance, and compromised packaging should raise concerns instantly, suggests Amy Callanan, a Global Intelligence Lead at Pfizer.
Another important thing to look out for is the spelling of medicine.
"Many a time, one will find an 'e' missing or an extra 'a' in the medicine's name," Dr Ashesh Bhushan of Yatharth Hospital in Noida tells IndiaToday.In.
A careful examination of expiry dates and batch numbers printed on all medicines is also crucial in spotting counterfeit medicines, according to Tarun Garg, who runs a pharmacy near the AIIMS New Delhi.
"To mitigate the risk of encountering counterfeit drugs, it is advisable to make in-person prescription purchases at reputed pharmacies," Tarun Garg of South Delhi Pharmacy tells IndiaToday.In.
The sale of fake medicine through online channels is increasingly becoming common.


An online pharmacy was shut down by the Telangana Drug Control Administration (DCA) in Hyderabad in 2017, for violating drug sales rules.
Those buying medicine online should focus on the reliability of the e-pharmacies, as they have become a convenient way of channelling fake medicines, say experts.
Consumers should also be cautious of spam emails, lack of authenticity verification, poor grammar on the packaging, websites without a physical address, and suspiciously low-priced products, cautions the WHO.
Both generic and branded medicines can be fake, and it is information and alertness, says Dr Ashesh Bhushan of Yatharth Hospital.
Substandard and fake medical products can be visually indistinguishable from genuine ones and one should be alert while buying from chemists or online pharmacies.


Fake medicines eat into the business and profits of pharmaceutical companies. So, big pharma companies, too, are upping the game in the identification of fake medicines through digital tracking systems.
"Not all but the big names like Natco Pharma, Dr Reddy's, Aureate Healthcare and Pfizer have rolled out medicine packages with QR codes," pharmacist Tarun Garg tells IndiaToday.In.
The QR codes on medicines used by cancer patients not only help the customer to ensure their authenticity but also help pharma companies to ensure they are not black-marketed, according to Tarun Garg.
With all the vigilance and regulatory safeguards in place, what should one do if they still get their hands on a fake medicine?
"Awareness is the key," Dr Ashesh Bhushan of Yatharth Hospital reiterated.
"As a vigilant customer, one can always go to the Drugs Control Administration (DCA) and even get their drugs tested, if suspicious", he added.
Getting medicines tested for authenticity, however, isn't commonplace.


It isn't just about fake medicines, wrong medicine is also a major issue. There are times, say doctors, when chemists have handed people the wrong drugs.
To eliminate wrong medications, the Supreme Court of India and the Medical Council of India also mandate digital prescriptions to have the names of medicines and their compositions in capital letters.
Many a time, a pharmacy might not have the prescribed medicine and the pharmacist hands over a substitute. "In that case, the patients must cross-check the substitute medicine with their doctor if it fulfils the desired composition," Dr Ashesh Bhushan tells IndiaToday.In.
He narrates an incident to caution about wrong medicines handed over by chemists.
"An elderly lady, well over 70, approached me shaking and experiencing tremors in her body, after a week of her initial consultation, Dr Ashesh Bhushan tells IndiaToday.In.
"She was diagnosed with a cough and cold and prescribed a cough syrup on her first visit to the clinic," he added.
It turned out, the lady was never given the syrup she was prescribed.
"Instead of cough syrup, the pharmacist handed her over a bottle of liver syrup, used to treat gas and stomach upset. And, she took the medicine for a week, like she was prescribed," Dr Ashesh Bhushan tells IndiaToday.In, the ENT head at Yatharth Hospital, Greater Noida.
The old lady suffered due to the wrong medication.
"Therefore, awareness is the key on the patient's part too", said Dr Bhushan, "be it while a doctor is prescribing, or a pharmacist providing a medicine".
With that said, safeguarding oneself from counterfeit and wrong medicines involves awareness, vigilance, and informed decision-making.
While there's more needed in terms of vigilance and a crackdown on spurious medicines, consumers can do their bit and be vigilant to ensure that what they are buying is genuine medicine and not chalk powder or starch branded as medicine.