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How many clerks working as hostess leh?


Alfrescian (Inf)
No wonder all the office clerks are so fugly.

Woman who argued with cops in video allegedly worked as hostess, lied in work permit application​


Han Feizi was at Singapore General Hospital to treat her injured foot and was allegedly shouting and being a public nuisance. PHOTOS: ST FILE, SCREENGRAB FROM DOUYIN

Shaffiq Alkhatib
Court Correspondent

Oct 24, 2023

SINGAPORE - A woman who filmed herself arguing with the police at Singapore General Hospital (SGH) allegedly lied in her work permit application by stating she would be employed as a clerk.
Instead, Chinese national Han Feizi, 29, purportedly moonlighted as a freelance hostess at various locations.
On Tuesday, she was handed two charges under the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act.
According to court documents, on or around Aug 11, Han allegedly declared in her work permit application form that she would be employed as a clerk for a firm called KDL Elements.
It deals with entertainment spots such as nightclubs and karaoke lounges.
Her form was submitted to the Work Pass Division of the Ministry of Manpower.
Han, who is now in remand, allegedly had no intention of working for KDL Elements.

She is also accused of moonlighting as a freelance hostess without a valid work pass from around Aug 1 to Oct 11.
On Oct 13, she was handed six charges, including one count of being a public nuisance and two charges of using abusive language against a public servant.
She was given another two charges of assaulting or using criminal force on a security officer and one charge of intentionally causing harassment on Oct 3 under the Private Security Industry Act.

These were handed to her following a separate incident at The Sail at Marina Bay, a condominium in Marina Boulevard.
In an earlier statement about the SGH incident, the police said they received a call regarding a verbally abusive patient at the hospital at around 2.35am on Oct 10.
Han was at SGH’s accident and emergency department to treat her injured foot and was allegedly shouting and being a public nuisance.
She had purportedly verbally abused a nurse before the police arrived.

When two investigation officers (IOs) interviewed Han at around 3.15am, she was uncooperative and refused to provide her statement.
The police said she allegedly used vulgarities in Mandarin against one of the IOs.
Han recorded segments of her interaction with the officers, which went viral on social media after she posted the 11-minute-long video on Chinese social media platform Douyin on Oct 10.
It was shared multiple times on TikTok and Facebook.
The police added that on Oct 3, Han was allegedly drunk and was escorted by security officers at The Sail to her unit.
She allegedly pushed one of them on his shoulder, verbally abused him, and pulled his tie.
The police had said firm action will be taken against culprits who are abusive towards public servants and public service workers carrying out their duties.
If convicted of using abusive language against a public service worker or public servant, an offender can be jailed for up to a year, fined up to $5,000, or both.
Han is expected to plead guilty on Wednesday.


Can name the clerk company but never name the KTVs and never charge the KTVs because owners grassroot members ?


Funny how she can get work permit, is it related to some from PAPigs circle , grassroot friend, PA friend, n hiw Co e who owner of ktv, who own the company that hired her

Scrooball (clone)

If they really wanna catch these whores, then better review all those on student passes and attending those dodgy certification schools.


isn't such case, a revealation of the many loopholes in the MOM, ICA regulations that allow questionable Talents to enter this island and procreate vices and viruses,..?


isn't such case, a revealation of the many loopholes in the MOM, ICA regulations that allow questionable Talents to enter this island and procreate vices and viruses,..?

May all calm down.

Foreign workers, male or female, whom met the often stringent criteria by MOM & ICA, are only FELLOW HUMANS. They are NOT robots & will need recreation too, just like the rest of us. They eat at Hawker centers like us, spend at Malls like us, go to MBS like us, visit night recreations spots like us, celebrate birthdays or special occasions in parks or venues like us, chill out like the rest of us, etc.

Of course, for those companies whom hired such work permit holders must NEVER allow them to work in brothels or as hostesses in KTVs, except for what is stated in their work permits. Failure to do so will ensure legal enforcement on them.

However, may the rest of citizens, MOM, ICA & Parliament, DO NOT deny our foreign workers to the Human right of recreation, so long as it is peacefully done & anyone who abuses such rights & privileges, will face the full force of the law, & ONLY THEY ALONE, not every work permit holder, or else we Singapore will be accused of ill-treatment of fellow Humans & treating them like slaves, which WE DO NOT DO SO, except perhaps for some inhumane citizens whom already faced Justice.