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Hoon Aussie Gov allows Irish paedophile priest to stay in Australia & remain anonymous!


Other immigrants will be deported long time ago. Have some piss, have a Fosters. Cheers!


Victims outraged as paedophile priest wins right to stay in Australia and remain anonymous

A former Catholic priest and convicted paedophile has won the right to stay in Australia. Source: 7 News

One victim, Kellie Roche, said is “frustrated” and “angry” by the court’s ruling.

“Because he's being protected again and again and again - first by the church and now by the appeals process,” Ms Roche said.

Victims are outraged the court's ruling. Source: 7 News

Victim's advocate Howard Brown said by withholding the priest's identity, "the average member of the community cannot have confidence in the administration of justice".

Critics of the decision told Seven News they cannot understand why the details of this case, and the former priest’s identity, are being protected.

The Federal Government has confirmed it will appeal the decision.



Haha, stoopid strawberry gen Indon goto jail for being naughty! Kangaroo Immi will decide on his 457 visa after his release.

My bet he will be DEPORTED.


Man who filmed neighbours having sex and shared it online jailed
7News / 7:45pm AEDT

A man who filmed his neighbours having sex and then uploaded the videos to a porn site has been jailed.

Indonesian national Wawan Pradiat arrived in Australia three years ago seeking an unforgettable experience - and that is now guaranteed as he will be spending his last few weeks here behind bars.

Pradiat filmed his neighbours in their most private and intimate moments, in a disturbing invasion of personal privacy.

The couple being filmed went to police after a friend found video of them having sex while surfing the web.

Police searched Pradiat's laptop and discovered four other videos of his female housemates in the shower.

In an interview, he told investigators he didn't know what he was doing was illegal.

He also claimed he had uploaded the videos to a porn website by accident and that they were intended for his personal use.

Unfortunately for his victims, those videos were viewed and downloaded so many times, they will never be erased from the internet.

Pradiat was jailed for 8 months, but will be eligible for parole in less than six weeks, after which his 457 visa may be cancelled.

The immigration department will decide whether to deport him upon his release.