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  1. B

    Hoon Aussie Gov allows Irish paedophile priest to stay in Australia & remain anonymous!

    Other immigrants will be deported long time ago. Have some piss, have a Fosters. Cheers! https://au.news.yahoo.com/a/38657528/paedophile-priest-wins-right-to-stay-in-australia/ Victims outraged as paedophile priest wins right to stay in Australia and remain anonymous A former Catholic...
  2. Toronto

    Was Jesus born on Christmas 25th Dec?

    When Constantine created the "Universal Church" to unite Europe he took parts of all local religions and convinced everyone (sometimes at the point of a sword) that their religion fit perfectly. The Winter Festival of Nordic religions was the time for rebirth since they were able to detect that...
  3. Toronto

    The Horror Holy Medieval Inquisition -50 million tortured and killed!