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Here's Why Nobody Is Buying These European Sports Cars


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Here's Why Nobody Is Buying These European Sports Cars​

By Charles Bravins Published 2 hours ago

Despite being produced by some of the world's finest sports car manufacturers, these European sports cars struck out with buyers.

Via FCA Media

Sports cars are the spice of a gearhead’s life. These brutal machines adore us with their sexiness, power, speed, and utter elegance when parked in the driveway or drive past us. That’s why it’s unimaginable that someone might have a distaste for these vehicles.

But even the most staunch sports car enthusiast might not want to be associated with the 10 cars on this list. And that’s not because they are wannabe sports cars manufactured by brands trying to make it in the market. In fact, these 10 machines are built in Europe by brands even a kid with a lego car is aware of. Still, whether they deserve it or not, the following European sports cars simply can't catch their break.


10 Porsche 718 Boxster And Cayman​

1-Via GTspirit Cropped
The two cars generate a lot of debate concerning their weight balance and unique engine setups. Here’s the thing: credit to Porsche, the 718 Boxster and Cayman both perform quite well, but ask a Porsche enthusiast whether they would spend their money on either car, and you’ll get a resounding no.

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Why? Because Porsche butchered the formula when they stripped the Cayman and 718 Boxster off their flat-six engines and fitted a turbocharged four-cylinder power unit. That small error cost Porsche a lot that they eventually brought the flat-six back to this lineup.

9 Ferrari California​

2-Via Autonoleggio Fast and Furious Cropped
When the Ferrari California was released in 2009, there was a lot of buzz surrounding how it looked. Compared to other machines that have come from Maranello, this one looked oddly different.

2-Via Livitaly Tours Cropped
Ferrari tried to make the California look sporty by adding a lot of muscle accents after the car got labeled as the “girl’s Ferrari.” That also came from the performance of this vehicle which, according to a good number of enthusiasts, was not up to par. Sadly, the California died a silent death as Ferrari decided to focus on its more worthy vehicles.


8 Bugatti Veyron​

3b-Via Wikipedia Cropped
We could write an entire essay about how the Bugatti Veyron is every gearhead's dream car. But that’s only in theory. Yes, driving at over 400km/h is something even Lewis Hamilton might dream of. However, in reality, the impracticality of owning this car is the reason why not so many people strive to have one parked in their garage.

Firstly, the car weighs over 4,000 lbs. That’s essentially a mechanized elephant. Secondly, the least you can ever pay for this vehicle is over $1 million. Each tire, which you’ll definitely shred while trying to lap this mammoth, costs $25,000, with the oil change taking you back $30,000. You’d rather have a hot hatch.

7 Audi TT​

The Audi TT made airwaves in 1999 when it was released to the general public. Everyone was in love and baffled by the concept of a turbocharged four-cylinder engine running on Audi’s legendary Quattro 4WD system.

But then, when people finally started buying this machine, it turned out to be dangerous. It easily fell over at high speeds, resulting in a massive recall for the vehicle. Apart from quickly ending your life, today, the original TT looks severely dated, making it even lesser attractive to the average buyer.


6 Porsche 968​

5-Via Wikipedia Cropped
The Porsche 968 was a sports car that suffered not because of its lack of performance but rather its lackluster looks. The 968 had everything a sports car could dream of. Amazing engine, great drivetrain, and a driving experience like no other. But then, when the team was tasked with designing the bodywork for this package, they failed terribly.

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The overall look of the car was boring and dated. The 968 looked like an illegitimate child of the 944 and 928, both of which were designed in the ‘70s. Maybe this explains why all Porsches now look the same.

5 Alfa Romeo 4C​

6-Via autodata Cropped
The Alfa Romeo 4C was not an entirely bad car. Matter of fact, when it was released, it performed exceptionally well in the market. The Italian manufacturer was so psyched up that they released a Spider version after the coupe. Both these cars were loved by the automotive press.

6-Via Facebook Cropped
However, despite the exceeding praise, the 4C’s sales started collapsing after the first year. That’s not because it was a limited-run model but rather because the competition was fiercer than the Italian offering on the table.


4 BMW 2 Series​

7-Via Driving Cropped
The BMW 2 Series flooded the automotive media when it was first released. That’s because it breathlessly offered the basic sports car pre-requisites. It had a wonderful rear-wheel-drive drivetrain, a peppy turbocharged engine, and a six-speed manual transmission that was wildly responsive.

But that was just it. The basics. Fans were not quite excited with the offering, and that translated to lackluster sales. For BMW, they still had a lot of work to do trying to get the 2 Series out of its cocoon and offering the proper BMW M-Sports experience fans had been longing for.

3 Maserati Quattroporte​

8-Via cars data Cropped
The fifth-generation Maserati Quattroporte looks undoubtedly good. But there’s where the problem also lies. To a good number of petrolheads, it doesn’t look like a proper sports car.

8-Via Romans International Cropped
But then, once you get behind the wheel of this machine, you get a different vibe. The performance is amazing, with the Quattroporte going from 0 to 62mph in a mind-bending 5.2 seconds. But doing that regularly is not a good idea given how this stretched-out sedan is unreliable. That alone was the main reason why no one wanted to buy it.


2 BMW 335i​

The BMW 335i was plagued by two major issues. Firstly, its high-pressure pump could spontaneously fail, leading to a sudden engine cut out and failure. Secondly, the bushing for the turbo wastegate could prematurely wear out, which would cause it to break and damage the turbocharger.

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9-Via Cars and Bidss Cropped
Both these damages were nowhere near cheap. The pump plus any repairs to the engine could go into the thousands of dollars. Combine that with a new bushing and turbocharger, and you could be getting a repair bill bigger than the price of a good VW Golf. The best way to avoid this headache was by not buying one.

1 Ferrari 348​

10-Via Wikimedia Commons Cropped
This is inarguably the worst Ferrari ever made. And that is coming from a performance and looks standpoint. The Ferrari 348 looked outrageously dated. On top of that, its interior was an ergonomic disaster. Everything looked tacky and out of place.

10-Via TRACED NEWS Cropped
Get behind the wheel, and an even worse experience would befall you. The 348 handled worse than a shopping cart on three wheels. Thankfully, Ferrari realized their blunder before the market was filled with angry enthusiasts. They quickly went back to the drawing board and produced the brilliant F355.


Alfrescian (Inf)
I remember the Alfa Romeo 159 had a bad rep here. Very sexy looking car. Test drive once and love the power but heard the selespeed gearbox was problematic.


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syed putra

Porsche sells more SUV's than sports cars.
In fact, selling just sports cars alone nearly Bankrupted them.
SUV's made so much money, they newly succeeded in taking over VW if not for the hefty rise of VW shares which got them all tangled up and the reverse happened. Now Porsche is part of VW.