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Car theme cafe forced shut after 2 months in operation



Car-themed cafe, Rounding at Lorong Ampas, ordered to shut down on 11 Mar 2024​

Aaron Tan
Aaron Tan
February 28, 2024

Rounding is a 2-storey car-themed cafe which recently opened on 16 Jan 2024. The establishment at 28 Lorong Ampas took over the the now-defunct Wheeler’s Yard. Unfortunately, I’ve just learned that this business will soon be closing its doors after 10 March 2024; with just under 2 months of operation.
rounding - cafe front
The establishment was created as a haven for car enthusiasts. The term ‘Rounding’ refers to an activity where a group of friends who love driving come together. The cafe which remains open until 2am daily has over 50 items on the menu ranging from appetisers to main dishes and even desserts like bingsu.
rounding - car wash
On the second level, there’s a pool table as well as racing simulators (like the Gran Turismo movie) to entertain its patrons.
rounding - car wash

Outside the restaurant, you’ll find car washing services available to ensure your vehicle is clean and ready for the road. I’m not sure if you’re like me, but the song, Tokyo Drift from Teriyaki Boyz from the Fast & Furious franchise plays in my head whenever I see the neon lights, fancy cars and decor of this place.
Now, with everything sounding and looking so cool and awesome, you may be wondering… why is it closing?
rounding - bad comments
Credit – Rounding
According to one of the owners, numerous residents have lodged complaints about the loud engines and noise pollution. There were several 1-star hate comments on their Google Reviews page (pictured above).
Consequently, the police had to intervene multiple times. Additionally, there were several licensing discrepancies with the cafe itself, which includes the driving simulator machines on the 2nd floor.
Video Player



A video of a car leaving the premises was recorded by a resident in the vicinity. In the message sent to one of the cafe owners, the resident had the following words to say, “Here’s evidence of your customer leaving and revving their engine.”

The cafe owner commented, “we have advised all of our customers to leave quietly and not rev their engines.”

I’ve watched the video several times and to be honest, the driver is already trying to be considerate; there are far worst revving incidences around my neighbourhood.
According to the management, Rounding has been working together with various car communities to work together to help the society.

One such example was their recent Blood Drive Campaign where customers were encouraged to donate blood, receiving a free car wash, complimentary coffee, and 10 minutes of the car simulator experience upon showing proof of donation.
rounding - interior
As a result, the authorities issued an order for Rounding to cease operations, with its final day of operation scheduled for 10 March 2024. There are talks of the business applying for a new location in the near future, with hopes of avoiding any nearby residents this time.
Car lovers, unite and show your support for Rounding with one final visit. You have less than 2 weeks left, so hurry up and swing by!


28 Lorong Ampas , Singapore 328781

Operating Hours: 11am - 2am (Daily)
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Alfrescian (Inf)
They should have the Cafe located at Lim Chu Kang cemetery area. Nobody gives a fuck if you rev your engine to 10000 rpm there. If anyone comprain, you should drive away ASAP !


Alfrescian (Inf)
Why the fuck do we even need a car café ? Last time we Ford car owners have meet up at McDonald's every Friday nite to show off our zhng cars.