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Happy Double Ninth Festival to All Chinks, Jippunese and Koreans!


Alfrescian (Inf- Comp)
Today is 九月九日. Happy Double 9th to all Samsters!
Double Ninth Festival

The Double Ninth Festival (Chong Yang Festival or Chung Yeung Festival in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, Chōyō(Japanese: 重陽, Kiku no Sekku), Jungyangjeol (Hangul: 중양절, Hanja: ), Vietnamese: Tết Trùng Cửu), observed on the ninth day of the ninth month in the Chinese calendar, is a traditional Chinese holiday, mentioned in writing since before the Eastern Hanperiod (before AD 25).[2]

Double Nine Festival
Chai Wan Cemetery Hong Kong Double Ninth Festival 01.jpg
Chai Wan Cemetery, Hong Kong, 2015
Official nameChong Yang Festival (重陽節) (重阳节)[1]
Also calledChung Yeung Festival (重陽節)
Chōyō (重陽)
Jungyangjeol (중양절) [2][3]
Chrysanthemum Festival (菊の節句)
Vietnamese: Tết Trùng Cửu
Observed byChinese Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese [2]
Date9th day of the 9th lunar month
2018 date17 October
2019 date7 October
2020 date25 October
2021 date14 October
Double Ninth Festival
Traditional Chinese重陽節
Simplified Chinese重阳节