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Hamas: Liberating Palestine Is "Very Possible"; Israel Has Become The Greatest Danger To The Lives Of Jews Worldwide And A Burden On Its Allies



Basem Naim, a member of the Hamas Political Bureau, said in a February 3, 2024 interview with Elmourabiton TV [Mauritania] that after October 7, there is a "great possibility" of defeating the enemy and the liberation of Palestine is "very possible." He added that October 7 proved that Israel is a "paper tiger." Naim continued to say that Israel has become the "greatest danger" to the lives of the Jews in Israel and abroad and a burden on its allies.
Basem Naim: "If anyone had asked me on October 6 – in light of the general despair in the region – whether it was possible to defeat Israel and liberate Palestine, I might have been hesitant to answering. I would have said it was possible, but it was a distant hope. After October 7, there is a great possibility of defeating the enemy, and the liberation of Palestine has become very possible.


"In addition, that state used to present itself to everybody, especially in the region, as a great country with an invincible army, which can be called to help defend countries and entities from possible enemies. Today, we easily proved that [Israel] is a paper tiger. Its army collapsed in a few hours in the fact of 1,200 mujahideen, even though the Gaza division is one of the strongest in the Israeli army.

"Israel used to present itself as the safest place for any Jew around the world. A Jew who is persecuted anywhere could come to occupied Palestine, to 'Israel,' and get citizenship and a house, and live there in stability and security. Today, Israel has become the greatest danger to lives of the Jews in Israel and abroad, and a burden on its allies."