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Hamas Leader Abroad: Our Oct 7 Operation; CCP Are Thinking Of Carrying Out A Similar Attack In Taiwan



Hamas Leader Abroad Khaled Mashal: The Russians Told Us That Our October 7 Operation Will Be Taught In Military Academies; The Chinese Are Thinking Of Carrying Out A Similar Attack In Taiwan​


ource: Sada Al-Balad (Egypt)
Hamas leader abroad Khaled Mashal discussed the international impact of the October 7 attack on an October 26, 2023 show on Sada Elbalad TV (Egypt). He said that the Russians have benefited from the October 7 attack because it has been keeping the U.S. distracted from the war in Ukraine. Mashal continued to claim that the Russians have said that the attack would be taught in military academies. He further said that the Chinese are considering carrying out such an attack against Taiwan. In another part of the show, Mashal stated he hopes Hizbullah will fully join the war, and he added that it will make a “real difference.” He stated that Hamas is demanding this from its friends.
Khaled Mashal: "There is no doubt that if Hizbullah joins in, it would make a real difference. We hope that this happens, but the decision is theirs. Since the beginning of the Zionist aggression and this genocidal war, they have kept the enemy busy in the northern Palestinian front. They are clashing with the enemy and the battles are constantly escalating, but they have yet to evolve into a complete engagement and an all-out war, which would split the enemy and force it to fight on two or more fronts. We are still demanding [this] from Hizbullah and from our friends and nation.
"We want the Arab communities in the West to be active, and [we want] cooperation with superpowers like China and Russia. For your information, Russia has benefitted from our [attack], because we distracted the U.S. from them and from Ukraine. China saw [our attack] as a dazzling example. The Russians told us that what happened on October 7 would be taught in military academies. The Chinese are thinking of carrying out a plan in Taiwan, doing what the Al-Qassam Brigades did on October 7. The Arabs are giving the world a master class."





Alfrescian (Inf)
they should free their uyghur brethen in xinjiang from ccp oppression before talking cock. moreover no one sane wants to kidnap fuckien virgins and hold them as hostages. will get a earful of pui pui pui.


Last I heard Tiongs are Tunneling rats. They build vasts networks of tunnels and cave. Unless they have a great project of digging underground tunnel from china to Taiwan .. 40 or 50 metre under the sea bed. Or they use their bullet train to transport the equipment to other side of the straits.


If the Hamas and all the Terror groups are indeed on top of their game, just look at china.

From 1990 to 2023,they have become the next world's economic power. They have the best military equipment industry going. They have the chip making industry. They have produce the most billion and millionaire . They have made 600 million people rich.

What is the Hamas doing ?
Still struggling and destroying life and make sure The Palestine is poor and down trodden.

It's just pathetic . It's a mistake and greatest Sin of all.