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Hamas leader’s speech at Kerala pro-Palestine Rally



A political controversy has erupted in Kerala after a video showed Hamas leader Khaled Mashal virtually participating in a pro-Palestine rally. The BJP is seeking action against the organizers and participants of the rally. Mashal's speech, in which he criticized Israel, has sparked sharp responses from the BJP. The youth wing of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind organized the rally, which featured posters with anti-Hindutva and anti-Zionism slogans. The state chief of the youth wing argued that there was nothing illegal about Mashal's attendance at the event.​

Kochi: A political slugfest has erupted after viral videos showed a leader of the Hamas militant group, Khaled Mashal, virtually participating in a pro-Palestine rally held in Malappuram district of Kerala on Friday, with the Bharatiya Janata Party seeking action against the organisers and the participants.
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Some 1,400 people were killed and scores taken hostage after Hamas attacked Israel on October 7. Gaza’s health ministry has said that more than 6,700 Palestinians have been killed in the enclave in Israel’s retaliatory airstrikes and bombardment.