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Guess? - GrabFood bans delivery rider who was caught on CCTV drinking customer’s iced Milo before delivering it


Why Muuds like to do such stunts? Is it because Milo is same colour as muuds so cannot resist? @syed putra care to explain? :wink:

GrabFood bans delivery rider who was caught on CCTV drinking customer’s iced Milo before delivering it​

A GrabFood delivery rider was captured on security camera drinking from a customer's order (left) before delivering a cup of beverage (right) to him.
A GrabFood delivery rider was captured on security camera drinking from a customer's order (left) before delivering a cup of beverage (right) to him.

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  • A delivery rider was banned from working for GrabFood after he drank from a customer's beverage that he was supposed to deliver
  • The incident, which was captured on camera, went viral on TikTok, with other users sharing similar experiences
  • The customer, Mr Hazique Hibri, said that his suspicions were confirmed when he found that the cup's lid was wet with droplets of the drink
SINGAPORE — A GrabFood delivery rider, who was caught on security camera drinking a beverage from a food order that he was delivering, has been banned by food delivery platform Grab.

Mr Hazique Hibri, the customer, shared this on TikTok, with some online users recounting similar experiences.

In his post, Mr Hazique showed footage of the delivery rider guzzling his drink in front of his house, taken from Mr Hazique's closed circuit-television (CCTV) camera.
His suspicions that his iced Milo order from McDonald's had been tampered with were confirmed, he said, when he saw that the area around the lid of the cup was wet with droplets of the drink and possibly “saliva or sweat”.

He showed a photo of a drink that was visibly only three-quarters full and had a wet lid.

Mr Hazique said that he had tried to confront the delivery rider but was met with confusion, as the rider responded with just "huh".
He said: “I feel for these food delivery riders and I understand that the work is tiring. I understand that you can get thirsty.

“But just don’t pass me something that you’ve put your lips on.”

Mr Hazique highlighted that the delivery rider had a five-star rating on the Grab mobile application and that he does not think that it is the rider’s first time doing this.

The video of his account of the incident, posted on Wednesday (Sept 6), has gained close to 300,000 views and more than 600 comments as of Friday.
One viewer said that she had a similar encounter: “It's not only the drink, sometimes I see my fries left one quarter only.”

Another said that he once filed a complaint with Grab after his order was also allegedly consumed by a delivery rider.

One other person commented that she would “always check food first for foul play by the delivery drivers before eating” and that most food establishments now “use stickers” or do a “double knot” when tying the bag of food.

One online user agreed that eateries have taken extra precautions to ensure that such instances do not occur: “That's why some restaurants double-bag their drinks. Some even cable-tie the plastic bags.”

In response to TODAY’s queries, Grab said that the incident was against its code of conduct and that the delivery rider has been banned from the platform after the incident was reported.

The firm said that it has issued a full refund to Mr Hazique.

“We want to reassure the public that this is a one-off incident and does not reflect the high standards that our delivery-partners uphold.”

In July, a GrabFood rider was banned from the platform after throwing a customer’s delivery order outside his home.

In 2020, a GrabFood rider had his account suspended by Grab after a public confrontation with a worker at beverage chain Playmade’s Waterway Point outlet, AsiaOne website reported.

TODAY has reached out to Mr Hazique for comments.
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A Singaporean

m&ds just do not appreciate the fact that these jobs are reserved for them. They will die of hunger if these jobs are opened to others.

Scrooball (clone)

Stupid Chap who drank customer milo in front of the customer CCTV. Why not drink it somewhere hidden before delivering their foods.
If got brain, why end up as Grab delivery?

Actually those private hire vehicle drivers also the same. I see them go post shit on customers they fetch on their PHV drivers group, and think they very steady eh sai. If so smart, then be your own boss la.