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[GPGT] Da Shi Jia Big Prawn Mee @ Killliney Road......



An offshoot of the prolific Big Eater brand which oversees a chain of showy seafood restaurants across the island, Da Shi Jia Big Prawn Mee (大食家大大大虾面) is decidedly less particular about measuring up in the pomp department, choosing instead to operate out of a relatively nondescript pre war shophouse space located just minutes away from the main Orchard Road shopping belt on foot. Nevertheless, this modestly sized establishment rings quaint and cozy in its own right; two distinct columns of sturdy reclaimed wood dining tables and stools line up against light blue colored walls adorned with culinary posters and oriental murals. Air-conditioners gusting gently chilled winds overhead allow patrons to feast in comfort, away from nearby street corners often engulfed in sweltering heat.

Founded by young Gen Y hawkerpreneurs Seth Sim (whose dad by the way owns Big Eater) and his wife Yvonne in early 2018, Da Shi Jia appears to be garnering immense adulation despite its relatively recent entry into the F&B scene - if massive lunch and dinner crowds descending upon the eatery with extended queues regularly seen forming in adjacent corridors are anything to go by.

Apart from its much touted signature wok-fried big prawn white bee hoon and prawn noodle dishes, folks can also indulge in various deep fried snacks such as crispy spicy winglets, prawn rolls and salted egg chicken. Lighter fare including century egg congee and stir fried vegetables feature on the menu too.

Sampling and thoughts:

The big prawn white bee hoon which arrived first at our table deserved top marks. Skilfully wok tossed over searing heat for maximal infusion of caramelized flavors sans charring, the vermicelli was further nurtured in specially formulated prawn stock - hence that overall appetizing orange glow bestowed. Attractively plated, more than ever sumptuous when chopsticks actually dug deep in. Its somewhat glutinous quality melded with a textured egginess recalls to mind the traditional hokkien prawn mee recipe; this version being silkier, richer and certainly far superior in our opinion.

More at https://www.thefooddossier.com/2019/03/da-shi-jia-big-prawn-mee.html


Alfrescian (Inf)
Most of that money is for the rent, not the food.

Might as well walk north a bit more, and eat free veg food at the Buddhist Lodge. :rolleyes:


Alfrescian (Inf)
it's good to see them up their prices, on par with oz's prices. far too long overdue, they should have done it earlier. i hope the hawkers who are toiling blood and sweat, do the same, sinkies should not take them for granted.