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Ginfreely vs Coalition Thread

Is Ginfreely crazy?

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KNN how come my uncle fuck ginfreely thread in the no need justification section aka flaming central is deleted KNN :mad:
it was merged into this thread
KNN ok ok all relating to ginfreely shit goes to this shit thread fair enough KNN
Here's your first post in that merged thread two years after you started it:
KNN after 2 years of observations and interactions, it's time for updates for ginfreely.
All the words & sentences that can describe her in non sequential :

paranoid schizophrenia supported by failing ALL test questions given and answered.
naive and stupid
self declared non attractive & non sexy
self declared virgin without proof
self declared husband never fuck her due to smelly cunt
smelly stinky cunt that needs to dry it daily by aspiration
greedy & vain by buying house in jb and forgoing peace for money
self proclaimed angels with foul mouth
money faced devil that can do absolutely anything for money
handbag like pocketed multiple compartments vagina
1 big 1 small breast
delusional hobbyist for piano and german language
delusional thoughts for indians to gang rape her for cunt drying instead of syringe aspiration
smiling sluttily as objects are inserted that disappears into the cunt.
tried to imitate & associate with high class livings without knowing facts of being cheap
unable to recognise a lunatics without mental expert advise
unable to hold a job and friendship due to schizophrenic
I also managed to save a screenshot of it before it was merged:




Lao Gin collect a lot angbao during Chinese New Year. Each time after paikpaik, she will demand for a angbao since she's a virgin.

She's so popular, each night at least 100 angbao.