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Germans are assaulted, murdered, and raped in huge numbers by muslim migrants, according to federal crime data



Last year, 47,923 Germans were victims of violent immigrants, according to statistics from the German federal government, with one top police union official describing the data as “frightening.”

This data comes directly from the Federal Criminal Police Office’s (BKA) situation report on serious crimes committed by foreigners who came to the country as refugees and asylum seekers. The troubling figures from the BKA show an 18 percent increase from the previous year. Although foreigners make up a far smaller share of the overall population, around 13 percent, they are committing a tremendous amount of crime against German citizens.

On the other side, 12,061 foreigners were victims of a suspect with German citizenship.

However, it is important to note that Germans in the crime statistics are not exactly ethnic Germans. Everyone with German citizenship, including, for example, ethnic Turks or ethnic Moroccans, is considered German in statistics. So, it is unclear how many of these foreigners were attacked or raped by ethnic Germans and how many were attacked or raped by foreigners who received German citizenship or are the children of first- or second-generation immigrants.

2 Million Migrants Could Receive German Citizenship Under New Law

Based on the current data, Germans are four times more likely to be attacked by an immigrant than vice versa.

All of these violent crimes are classified by the BKA as rape, assault, murder, and robbery. When the 47,923 German victims are broken down into specific categories, the data shows that 258 Germans fell victim to murder, attempted murder or manslaughter committed by immigrants, with 38 of these victims dying, while the others survived the attacks. On the other side, 89 immigrants were victims of crimes that involved at least one German perpetrator, with five of them losing their lives.

Syrian Migrant Arrested in Stabbing Spree in German Gym

Those most willing to attack Germans are those whose asylum applications were rejected, along with immigrants from North African countries like Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia. While this group makes up only 0.8 percent of migrants, they account for 8.5 percent of all asylum seekers suspected of committing a violent crime.

The chairman of the Federal Police Union, Heiko Teggatz, said the crime data showing the rate of violent crime committed by migrants is “frightening.”

“What many have always suspected has now been proven. There is no more room for whitewashing. The federal and state governments must now act consistently and exhaust all possibilities to deport such criminals,” he said.

Under a new law that would dramatically increase foreigners receiving German citizenship, the country’s crime statistics are expected to become skewed. In fact, many of these foreigners would then be classified as “Germans” in the crime statistics, and if they were to assault a foreigner or another German, they would be listed as a “German” suspect.


Who to blame but only themselves! This is what u get allowing all these pests to come in from that peaceful loving religion....